Tammy, Happy Anniversary!

One year ago this weekend, we were gearing up for a big move.

No, ABBA and I weren’t leaving the Quad Cities.  Ray, ABBA, and I were heading south for a seven-hour-plus drive to western Kentucky to meet my sister, Tammy, for her to make a life-altering change for the better.  We were moving her to Moline, Illinois.

Miss ABBA always enjoyed rides in the car and especially the rest areas for walks by bodies of water.  This is in Rend Lake in southern Illinois.

After stopping at a very gross “Jack in the Box” (really, how can you screw up a fast food burger), we made it to Grand Rivers, Kentucky, as the sun was settling over the Land Between The Lakes and meeting up with Tammy to go to my favorite restaurant, Patti’s 1880s Settlement.

This would be Tammy’s last night living in the South.  Other than a brief period in Michigan in the early-1990s, she had always lived in Kentucky or Tennessee.

(Hey, look at Ray and Anthony 20-30 pounds heavier!)

If you ever visit western Kentucky or if you’re just passing through, you have to stop at Patti’s in Grand Rivers.  It is a beautiful place and the food is out of this world.

(Food – top to bottom — Fried onion blossom and deep-fried beer-battered cheese sticks, Tropical Pork Loin, and Beef Oscar).

And, as much as I love to take pictures of food, I was so excited when the desserts arrived that I didn’t take pictures of them.  However, this is my favorite, the Sawdust Pie, that I borrowed from the web!

It’s been one year now that Tammy and her dog, Cocoa, moved to the Quad Cities.  This weekend she is moving into a new place in downtown Moline and I wish her the very best.

The past year has come with many changes and obstacles for her.  I know she misses her two granddaughters in Tennessee and she survived a heart attack last December, but I know she is much happier now.

Tammy, I’m so proud of you.  Happy Quad Cities’ anniversary and here’s to many more good years.  It’s great having you around — especially the holidays!


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