Tropical Systems Can Drench The Quad Cities Like Isaac This Weekend

The remnants from Hurricane Issac that made landfall Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in Louisiana will be bringing significant rains and possible flooding to southeastern Iowa, the Quad Cities and west-central Illinois this weekend.

The tropical nature of the air associated with this storm pushed dew points into the 70s in the Quad Cities Friday afternoon.

Rain will spread south to north Friday night into Saturday morning across the area and heavy rain is forecast Saturday and Saturday night from southeastern Iowa to the Quad Cities east into Geneseo and Princeton, Illinois.  Look at this forecast of rainfall potential.

As you can tell, from around Burlington, Iowa, to Galesburg, Geneseo, and Kewanee, Illinois, anywhere from 5-7″ of rain could fall.  There could be isolated higher totals.  In the Quad Cities, around 3″ is not out of the question.  However, notice how drastically the cut-off line is for rainfall northwest of the metro area.  Dubuque and Iowa City, Iowa, over to Galena, Illinois, may see little, if any, rain.

If this forecast verifies in the Quad Cities and we do pick up over 3″ of rain, it would be the first time in more than two years that a system brought that much rain.  On July 6-7, 2010, 3.45″ of rain fell at the airport in Moline, Illinois, the official weather observation site for the Quad Cities.

The last calendar day with more than two inches of rain in Moline was June 18, 2010.  2.23″ of rain fell that day.

When hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast and the East Coast, we hear about incredible rainfall totals of more than two feet.  Four years ago in September, we experienced the remnants of two storms.

Early in that month, the remnants of Hurricane Gustav, brought 2.44″ of rain at Quad City International Airport from September 2-4, 2008, with 2.23″ of that falling on September 4, 2008.

And, on the heels of that storm, the remnants of Hurricane Ike brought us even more rain.

From September 12-14, 2008, the Quad Cities picked up 7.08″ of rain.  Of that, 2.29″ fell on September 12th, 4.26″ on September 13th, and we picked up 0.53″ on September 14th.

When September 2008 ended, the official rainfall total for the Quad Cities was 10.91″, which was 7.75″ above average and one of the all-time wettest September months on record.

So, while the Quad Cities don’t see the hurricane-force winds with these systems, we do occasionally get the tropical moisture in the form of heavy rain and high humidity.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Posted by Cinchy on August 31, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    Looks like Issac is going to spare us of even a drop of rain …. I’m over it , bring on the snow!


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