Fall Is A Time For Cooler Weather & Horror Stories

Now that Labor Day is behind us, that means summer is unofficially over.

However, after reaching the 90s again Tuesday in the Quad Cities (since May, we’ve reached 90° or higher 45 times, which ranks 7th for most 90° days in a calendar year), I’m ready for the cooler weather that’s on the way this weekend.  This morning’s rain will help trend temperatures downward and with more rain Thursday night and Friday, it’s going to feel like fall.  By Saturday, highs will be in the low-70s with lows in the 40s.  Brrrrrr!!!!!!  🙂

Up until a couple of years ago, my favorite season was winter.  Now, while my favorite season is still Christmas and I love snow, autumn has moved to the top of my list thanks to brutal winter temperatures in the Midwest.

At home, we’re already breaking out the autumn decorations. The wreath on the door is just the first phase.

Last week, I bought two new bags of coffee, caramel apple and pumpkin spice, to usher in autumn.  We tried the caramel apple Monday morning and it’s yummy.

Weather aside, I love August and September because the latest seasons of “Dexter”, “The Walking Dead” and “Fringe” arrive on DVD and new episodes start airing on Showtime, AMC, and Fox, respectively.  This will be the last season of “Fringe” and it’s only going to be 13 episodes.

Sadly, it took me and Ray no time to butcher and dispose of season six of “Dexter” in August and to devour season two of “The Walking Dead” last week and this weekend like crazed, hungry zombies.

If you’re not a fan of gore or zombies, then you need to skip to the last line of the blog.  If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead”, chances are that you’ve either already watched the first two seasons when they aired or you’re watching them now.  Nevertheless, I’m giving you a warning that I will mention a couple of plots that will be spoilers, so skip ahead to the end of the blog, too.

While season one of “The Walking Dead” consisted of only six episodes, the second season was 13 episodes.  The third season, which premieres on AMC October 14th, will be 16 episodes long and will be presented in two parts.  Eight will air in the fall and the final eight in early 2013.

9 million people watched the season two finale when it aired last spring, which made it the most-watched basic cable drama telecast in history!!

Season one showed how survivors in Atlanta dealt with “the walkers”, the updated word for zombies, and season two focuses on Sheriff Rick Grimes, his wife, their son, and the people that they picked up along the roadway in their quest to stay alive.

There was plenty of gore in season one, but the blood, guts, and gore factor is magnified in season two and it’s not just because there are seven more episodes.  The increasingly violent way that the survivors on Hershel’s farm, the place where Rick and company find refuge after a tragedy involving one of the two kids that in the group, kill the undead is amazing and it makes sense.  They are scared and are fighting for their lives.

This isn’t like horror movie sequels when the body count goes up and the gore factor increases because the story line is lacking.  There are plenty of subplots in “The Walking Dead”, but you have to consider that in the two months since “the walkers” took over the country (and maybe the world), one mistake by the survivors could cost them their life or the lives of someone they care for.

In a few scenes, (the well, the woods with the hanging walker, and the barn), the producers make you stop and think that these “walkers” were once family members and loved ones before they just wanted to eat you.  It adds humanity to the river of blood and gore.

There are some very tense moments between Sheriff Grimes and his partner, Shane, and a love triangle that drive the men apart.

Three characters (two major) die this season and in the midst of sadness, some of the survivors find love and new reasons to live and fight to keep the others alive for season three!

One of my favorite interactions is when a couple takes a box of condoms from the pharmacy on a medical run into town and decide to test them right then and there.  Back at the farm, the male character states, “You know, we still have eleven condoms.”  The female looks at him and says, “You see eleven condoms, I see eleven minutes of my life I’m never gettin’ back.”  Awesome!

That shows how witty and intelligent “The Walking Dead” is.  It’s not just a gore fest or a reject from SyFy.  It’s the real deal!

Some fans complained at how slow the season was at the beginning when the group was searching for a missing member.  I didn’t think it was slow.  There were other plots to keep the story moving along.

There were two major massacres, one at mid-season and in the finale.  I will say that after the incredible mid-season shootout with “the walkers” in an episode called “Pretty Much Dead Already”, that the next two episodes, “Nebraska” and “Triggerfinger” didn’t really gel with me and felt out of place.  However, the series quickly rebounded and remains one of my favorite series on television.

And, Andrew Lincoln (“Sheriff Rick Grimes”) is so adorable and sexy trading in his real-life British accent for a southern drawl in the series!

With “The Walking Dead” season two finished, I guess I should focus my attention on season two of “American Horror Story” and see what crazy, amazing things Jessica Lange will do in this season called “Asylum”.

For now, with the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer and vacation season kicking off for me Thursday, September 13th, I’ll just focus on fun and putting together my Halloween costume to go trick or treating with Gretel.  I also think she wants to go on a haunted hay ride, which I think would be fun.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dorothy DeMay on September 5, 2012 at 8:45 am

    Anthony, ok, I will admit I am not much on “horror” movies, but 28 Days gave me the weirdest nightmares, but I survived. My husband wants to watch these two that you have mentioned. I guess I will give in and watch with him, only if you promise to come visit Torment on Twelve Hundred this October. Deal?


  2. Doe,

    If you watched “28 Days Later” and survived, you will love “The Walking Dead”. It’s very intelligent and the acting is great. If I’m not mistaken, you can get season one in Redbox for only a dollar! Check into that.

    I will see what’s going on in October with the Torment on Twelve Hundred!



  3. I don’t particularly care for the current horror genre, but Autumn has always been my favorite holiday. I love to sip a glass of wine at the Massbach Ridge Winery and enjoy the fall weather. I need to get you up there sometime.


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