Storms Chances Tonight Near Zero Now; Good Chance Friday

6:12 pm Update:  That slight chance for strong thunderstorms this evening has diminished to almost zero chance.  However, we still have a good chance for a decent, soaking rain tomorrow night and Friday.


More strong to severe thunderstorms are possible across the Mississippi and Illinois Valley Wednesday afternoon and evening as a cold front brings us a real taste of fall this weekend.

This would be the second round of severe weather today if these storms develop.  In the early morning hours Wednesday, winds of 50-75 miles-per-hour were reported across eastern Iowa (73 mph in Muscatine, 66 mph in Iowa City, and 50 mph gusts in Louisa County).  Most locations picked up about one-half to three-quarters of an inch of rain.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed most of northern Illinois and a portion of eastern Iowa under a slight risk of severe thunderstorms through 7 a.m. Thursday.

At this point, it looks like hometowns east of the Mississippi River will most likely see the strong to severe thunderstorms.

Here is the forecast for damaging winds (58 mph or higher), large hail (one inch diameter or larger), and tornadoes Wednesday evening and night.

In the morning thunderstorms Wednesday, 0.62″ of rain fell at the Quad City International Airport, which ironically is twice the amount of rain that fell with the remnants of Hurricane Isaac this past weekend.

Behind the storms Wednesday night, another round of wet weather is likely Thursday night and Friday and then much cooler weather takes over this weekend.  Highs Saturday will only be in the 70-75° range with overnight lows in the 40s possible.


7 responses to this post.

  1. And, I slept right through it! 😦


  2. Posted by Becky on September 5, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    No sleep for me – 2 dogs that are scared too death. Thundercoats will not even work, need to be held by mama.


  3. Not that I’m trying to contradict you at all, but The Weather Channel’s not saying anything like that at all…although I am more apt to believe a local person (aka you) over them…but it’s still weird.


  4. Melissa,

    I didn’t know people still watched The Weather Channel! But, after you mentioned it, I looked at their severe weather page on their website and it has the same SPC map showing Illinois under the severe weather threat this afternoon.



    • I don’t really watch that channel per se, seeing as I have DirecTV and the “local” stuff isn’t like it was on regular cable, and TWC has been “reformatted” since being bought out by…whoever bought them out (my mom told me but I forget! lol), BUT I have the Desktop Weather for my computer and it’s still saying only about a 10% chance of anything…but I REALLY, REALLY hope we get a good one tonight, even though that will mean that my DirectTV will most likely be on the fritz!! ps. sorry for the majorly long run-on sentence! 😉


  5. Posted by Cinchy on September 5, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    I have been checking the SPC website all day and have had my fingers crossed we get a another storm 🙂
    PS I didn’t know anybody watched the Weather Channel anymore either ! 😉


  6. Cindy & Melissa,

    I’m not holding my breath for too much and what develops will likely be east of the Mississippi.

    The SPC just issued another update and they are considering a watch, but it would be across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

    Good luck, ladies, because I know you want storms. I’ll just take another 1/2″ of rain!



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