Mother Nature, I Have a Request. Okay, Three!

Dear Mother Nature,

I really don’t ask a lot from you.  I deal with whatever you give me.  This summer it was the heat and the drought.  A few winters ago, it was a near record low of -27° and more than 50″ of snow.  I’m even nice enough to smile when you make me look incompetent by changing the course of a storm and keeping the forecast drier or less snowy than I told people it would be during my forecast.

Now, I have a favor to ask of you.  Well, actually two favors and one has multiple parts, so does that count as three favors?  I know, you’re “Mother Nature” and not a “Genie in a Bottle” (X-tina just popped in my head!)  Hang on, I have to watch the video on YouTube now.

Okay, I’m back.  As you may have heard if you read my blog, we’re heading to New Orleans and then on a cruise right before Christmas.  I need for the weather to be nice for Betty to get to Chicago from Cleveland and then for all of us to fly to New Orleans from Chicago.

And, here’s the second part, I need the weather to be nice on Christmas Eve because we’ll be traveling back to the Quad Cities (and Chicago, for Betty) from New Orleans.  That will also be a big travel day for millions of others celebrating the holidays and for Christmas carolers, so nice weather across the national would be greatly appreciated.

For Christmas Day, you can drop as much snow as you want on the Quad Cities because I’m filling in on the morning show that day (and the rest of that week) and it’ll give me plenty to talk about.

That brings me around to the my final request (for now).  From Christmas Day through the first half of January, I’ll bite my tongue and deal with the bitter cold and snow if you could give the Quad Cities and the Rockies quiet weather for the last week of January.

I’ve never flown anywhere in January and for the first time, I’ve booked a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada on January 24th.  Once I get there, you can even let it snow in Vegas, if you must.

From a climatic standpoint, it’s warmer in Las Vegas in late January than in the Quad Cities (average highs of 59° there and 31° in Moline) and rarely does Las Vegas see snow.  But, that isn’t the reason for the escape.

Thanks to a fundraiser earlier this year, our free room at the Blue Moon Resort are booked.  From their website:  “The Blue Moon Pool Compound Features a Lagoon Style Pool, Heated Year-Round, Ample Sundeck Space, a 10 foot Waterfall cascading into the pool, cabanas, beautifully planted garden…”

So, out of respect for Madonna and our first visit to Vegas in a few weeks, I’ll wait until I return to Moline on October 15th to start singing:

“Marilyn/Judy/Sylvia/Tell ’em how you feel girls!
Work your blonde Jon Benét Ramsey/We’ll haunt like Liberace
Find your freedom in the music/Find your Jesus/Find your Kubrick
You will never fall apart/Diana, you’re still in our hearts
Never let you fall apart/Together we’ll dance in the dark”

In case, you’re only familiar with the radio “hits”, that’s “Dance in the Dark” from Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster” album.

We scored tickets to “The Born This Way Ball” tour on January 25th in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena — Section 17!!!!

These seats appear (from the diagram) to be perfect.  If my calculations are correct, the view we’ll have should be the same as where this person was sitting when they shot “Scheibe” in Manila, the Philippines.

After this show, I will have seen both of my divas (sorry, Reba, you’re working on your ABC show, “Malibu Country”) in a three-month period.  I can come home to the Quad Cities and hibernate — until spring.

I know this was a lengthy request and I thank you in advance for your consideration because I know it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by robin on September 20, 2012 at 7:31 am

    Well mom nature is a woman, so let’s hope she say’s happy.:)


  2. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, Anthony! I don’t think too many people would mind if we had another mild winter. Maybe you should forecast some sort of “snowpocalypse” because it seems that’s when Mother Nature goes “you know….that’s not going to happen. It looks like it, but I’ve changed my mind at the last minute!”. 🙂


    • Jenna,

      Thank you for crossing your fingers for me. I wouldn’t mind another “mild” winter, but I do like snow.

      I would be okay if Mother Nature spared me a major storm that week. Like you say, maybe I should forecast that just for her to laugh at me and say “watch this”. 🙂

      Take care,


  3. Robin,

    I hope she’s happy, too. I’ve never even thought about flying in winter before. My fingers are crossed. Have a great one.



  4. Good luck with your request. I flew out of St. Louis in April one year and they were deicing in the plane.


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