Freezing Temperatures Sunday Morning

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  You’d better pull out those long-johns and if you don’t think they’re sexy and you refuse to wear them, you’d better get some extra blankets.

A “Freeze Watch” (dark blue shading) is in effect late Saturday night until 8 a.m. Sunday for central and eastern Iowa and the counties along the Mississippi River in Illinois.

This means that we’ll be seeing several hours with temperatures at or below the freezing mark (32°) early Sunday morning.  This will likely bring an end to the growing season across the Mississippi Valley.  Any plants that are not brought inside and left outside uncovered will likely freeze.

Even if temperatures don’t drop below 32° where you live, frost will occur!

As we get closer to Saturday night, this “Freeze Watch” may be upgraded to a “Freeze Warning” or a “Frost Advisory” for areas south and east of the current watch.

Temperatures early Sunday morning will range from around 27° north to around 32° in the Quad Cities to around 35° in the far south.

After that very cold weather, warmer temperatures return next week!

I will have to suffer through this because I refuse to turn the heat on until October!


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