Peeps’ Friday ’80s Flashbacks

It’s Friday morning and the weekend is almost here.   I hope you have a great one.  I will be emceeing a fashion show fundraiser today for a local hospital.  Since it isn’t a Christmas show, maybe they’ll chose one of my favorite ’80s songs.  Here are three more that I loved in the best decade of music.

“Together Forever”  — Rick Astley

English heart throb Rick Astley scored seven Top 40 American hits on the Billboard Hot 100.  Of those, five went to the top ten.

He hit #1 with his first two songs, “Never Gonna Give You Up” (1987) and this one, “Together Forever” in 1988.  He also hit the top ten two more times in 1988  with “It Would Take A  Strong Strong Man” (#10) and “She Wants To Dance With Me” (#6).

While he would have three more hits, only one, “Cry For Help” in 1991 would reach the top ten (#7).  His other two, “Giving Up On Love” (#38, 1989) and “Hopelessly (#28, 1993) barely made the Top 40.

He would singing backing vocals on Elton John’s #1 award-winning song, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from “The Lion King”.

“The Right Stuff”  — Vanessa Williams

Singer, actress, and model Vanessa Williams became the first African-American to earn the Miss America crown in 1983.  When nude photos of her began circulating and “Penthouse” published them, there was so much uproar that on July 23, 1984, she gave up the title, but not the crown!!  Honestly, at the time, I was 19-years-old and I was so mad that she was giving in to the pressure that I cried. 🙂  There was only one other time in pop culture that I shed a tear:  When Madonna married Sean Penn in 1985.

Vanessa Williams’ first song, “The Right Stuff” is still one of my favorites.  However, while it only reached #44 on the Hot 100, it did top the Billboard Dance chart.

Her next single, “Dreamin'” would make it to #8 in 1989.  That was followed by six more Top 40 hits on the Hot 100 through 1995.  Her biggest commercial hits were “Save The Best For Last” (#1, 1992), “Love Is” (a duet with Brian McKnight that reached #3 in 1993), and “Colors of the Wind” from the “Pocahontas” soundtrack in 1995 that reached #4.

“The Sweetest Days” from 1994 is another one of my favorites.  It hit #18.

Vanessa has also appeared in two movies that I love, “Soul Food” and “A Diva’s Christmas Carol”.  After years on “Ugly Betty” and “Desperate Housewives”, she has a new ABC show, “666 Park Avenue” this fall.


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