A Nature Retreat In Downtown Houston

There are a few things right off the bat that I’m very thankful for:  God has provided me with a job with vacation time and that Ray works hard and attends conferences so I can go along with him, that the weather has improve greatly from rainy conditions Saturday to cloudy skies Sunday to mostly sunny skies Monday that will continue through the rest of our time here, and that Paris Hilton’s namesake hotel is very nice and a pleasure to visit.

Paris, if you’re in Houston tonight or tomorrow, I’ll break bread and drink with you and talk about what you said right and what you said wrong about gays and AIDS that had you recently apologizing.

But, this is about Houston and not about me or Paris Hilton.

The architecture downtown in beautiful.  The homelessness not so much.  I know it’s a reality in cities all across the country, but it’s still heartbreaking.

While the view out my window is of the Toyota Center toward the southwest, the view on the other side of our floor is Discovery Green, an almost 12-acre public park that was opened in April 2008.

It’s estimated that almost a quarter-million people visited the park in the first three months that it was open to the public.

It features a lake, wetland and upland gardens, restaurants, stages for public performances, dog runs, a children’s area and other recreational areas.  It even has an ice skating rink when the weather is cold enough.

If you like nature shots, but you don’t have Houston on your travel itinerary anytime soon, allow me to be your tour guide.  You already know that I love to take pictures.

So, that is a view of the relaxing park next door to the Hilton Americas.  Still to come, I’ll share some of the neat architecture, some street, and maybe, some food.


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  1. Photograph some birds for me, Peeps!


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