Beautiful Architecture of Houston

I admit that since Ray’s conference started Sunday afternoon, I’ve become a streetwalker!  Okay,  I guess I should clarify that I haven’t been soliciting services on the streets, I’ve been walking the streets taking pictures of interesting buildings, structures, and things that catch my eye.

The view from our floor and the rooftop is amazing.  However, once you’re on the streets, the neighborhood changes drastically from the glitz of steel and glass to run down buildings that are eye sores that would cost millions to demolish and start over.  I’ll start there with this boarded up building that says “keep out” and then share the beauty of downtown.

One thing that I’ve noticed by walking miles at a time from the Hilton Americas in downtown Houston to the Midtown neighborhood is that it’s very similar to Chicago.  The socioeconomic make-up can change not only from block to block, but also from one side of the street to the other!

With that being said, I made it to my destinations safely and I never really was in fear.  Here are some of the more incredible buildings and sights I saw in my ventures.

As you can tell (and I’ve stated it before), I love taking pictures and sharing them.  It’s even better when they are Jesus approved.


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