Wow, it’s Saturday, October 13th, and I’m waking and sharing my birthday with some awesome people.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,

FBI agent Fox Mulder of “The X-Files”,

And, my lovely college friend, Crystal Craddock-Posey.

I hope all Libras celebrating their birthday today have a great one.  I’m waking up in Las Vegas and this birthday has the potential to be my Best.Birthday.Ever!

We kicked if off last night with a last minute, surprise Elton John concert at the Colosseum at Caesers Palace.

It’s no secret that I’m seeing Madonna in concert tonight at the MGM Grand Arena.  I’ve only been talking about since I bought tickets eight months ago!

Usually, birthdays are just another day for me and I really don’t make a big deal out of them.  However, now that I’ve outlived my mother and in a couple of years, I’ll be having one of those “big birthdays”, I want to take a moment to look back at my five favorite birthdays.  This one doesn’t count because it’s just starting. 🙂

My favorite birthday is, by far, last year’s.

This was my fun and creepy cake that we enjoyed on the second of a three-day celebration.  We ate out at Bishop’s, which is no longer here, on my birthday, dinner at Bennigan’s the next day, followed by cake and ice cream at home, and then Osaka Buffet (my favorite) for lunch on the third day.

I got several small gifts including Season 3 of “Fringe”.  While I’m grateful for all of the meals and presents, that is not the real reason that my 2011 birthday is my favorite.

We were having a very warm start to October 2011 and it was 70° on my birthday and that gave me and Miss ABBA a chance to spend most of the day outdoors.  I will cherish this picture and those memories forever!

Little girl, I’ll have your share of desserts this year and think of you while eating them!

In 2010, Gretel and Ray gave me yummy cakes and Season 2 of  “Fringe”.

Flashing back to 2009, it was another very special birthday.  It was our first as a family and we splurged on my favorite, German Chocolate Cake and ice cream.

Along with the delicious cake, I also got the Madonna “Celebration” video collection, the “Crazy Love” CD by Michael Buble, and Season 1 of “Fringe”.  Do you see a theme here with “Fringe”?  I’m going to go ahead and let the cat out of the bag.  I got Season 4 this year!  Surprise!

It was a very fun night as Gretel so adorably re-created the Buble album cover for me!

And, I showed her how much I love cake and ice cream.

What a fun night!

My other memorable birthdays were in 2000 when my friend, Christopher took me to see Patty Loveless in Columbus, Ohio, and in 2005, in Salisbury, Maryland, when my chief meteorologist Tami Payne and my news director, Dawn Mitchell, bought me a Smith Island Cake, the official dessert for the state of Maryland since 2008!

For those that have never visited the Delmarva Peninsula, a Smith Island Cake generally features between 8 to 15 pencil-thin layers of commercial yellow cake mix filled with cooked chocolate fudge icing, which lasts longer than butter cream frosting.  It is absolutely sinful, but worth every bite!  I’ve been tempted to order one online, but I can’t see paying $50 for a cake to be delivered to me! 🙂

Here’s to a birthday to remember and I already know from personal experiences with Madonna that her shows start late and they go well into the night.  But, then again, who goes to bed early in Las Vegas???

It’s my birthday, so I’m dedicating this fan-made Madonna video to “B-day Song” to me.


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