A Plea For Me To “Quit Destroying Our World”!!!

More than 381-thousand people live in the Quad Cities’ metro area and with our newscasts streaming live on the internet, potentially we could reach billions of people (ha! ha! — just sayin’), so it goes without saying that we’re bound to make someone mad. 🙂

I love when viewers choose to watch me for their weather forecast to plan out their day or weekends.  However, we can’t always please everyone and sometimes, we downright tick people off.  No, I didn’t interrupt someone’s programming this time to give them a severe weather update.  Let me share an email that we received this morning (and I’ll leave the typos in there) and my response.  It takes all kinds to make this a wonderful world.

From “Brett”:

“My tip is to let people know that the people involved in broadcasting news at wqad are not people who think before they speak. Any listener watching wqad should be aware of this, and be very careful what they listen to when watching wqad. For example, in this mornings 6:30am broadcast, the anchorwoman and the weatherman both made statements regarding the wonderful rain we have finally been receiving. The anchorwoman said”Rain, rain, go away.” The anchorman called for the rain to leave and the sun to return; planting those seeds of thought in all of your veiwers minds. Just last week your station reported that we were @10″ behind on rainfall for the year.
We need any rain we can get, as soon as possible, if we are to return any moisture content to the soil and subsoil. If we dont get it, we will have devasting effects on our food crops next year. This in return will lead to food shortages. Is that really what your broadcasters want to happen. I am working together with a group of people to bring back reality to our world. People like me veiw you folks are a microcosm of society. The majority of people are now acting on thoughts produced from a reaction to some emotional sequence(ie.:fear, anger, sorrow). The example of your broadcasters words this morning proves my point. Think! Stop planting bad seeds in the minds of your veiwers! The books “Think and Grow Rich”, and “The Secret”, both touch on the idea of thoughts creating reality. Have you read them? Thoughts are things! PLEASE, quit destroying our world with your lack of rational, reasonable, logical thought. Thanks. 🙂

My response!


Since you live in a world of “reality”, here’s something that may come as shock to you.  The universe does NOT rotate around my axis or yours.  People listen to my forecast to plan their day or weekend, but they don’t hang on every word television people say.

Rebecca may have said what you are crediting her with and my response was about sunshine returning this weekend.  However, did you zone out after that when I said more rain is on the way Sunday night through Tuesday?  And, all through the morning show yesterday, I talked about much-needed rain would be falling the next couple of days and that would work to replenish the subsoil.  And, I did mention that while we are above average on rainfall in October, we’re still more than 9″ below average for the year.

Brett, the bottom line is that I live in the “real world” and in the scientific world of meteorology, I also know that the atmosphere is always working to balance itself out.  That doesn’t happen overnight and it may take years.

We’ve had flooding rains some months and droughts in others, but neither last.  Otherwise, we’d have deserts in the Quad Cities or we’d become an extensive of the Great Lakes and be underwater.  That’s reality.

I appreciate you taking the time to watch us and to respond.  I’m glad we have you to keep is in check with a “rational, reasonable, logical thought” process.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the rain today, Sunday night, Monday, Monday night, and early Tuesday.

Anthony Peoples

In 1985, Mr. Mister released the album, “Welcome To The Real World” and in 1990, Alan Jackson charted with “Here in The Real World”.  Maybe I should listen to them again and come back to reality.

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Welcome to the real world is right!! Brett just proves we all want different kinds of weather. Some love the winter and the snow etc.-I hate the cold and fear falling on the ice. Some love the heat of summer while others like me prefer the air-conditioning unless I can be swimming! I’d have it be Spring and Fall the year around but where would that leave the people who “love the changing seasons”!
    Yes, living on the farm, I’m well aware of our moisture needs but don’t expect everyone else to keep their comments in line with my concerns.


  2. Posted by Kathy Hyson on October 19, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Oh….my….well, the old saying is…it takes all kinds….this seems to be a perfect example! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend Anthony…try to think logically!!! 🙂


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