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Helen, Here’s To Many More Happy Birthdays

I’ve been fortunate enough to see Reba McEntire in concert 11 times since I first saw her in 1995 and I met her in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in April 2005.

Reba Anthony 2005

I’ve seen Madonna three times, most recently in Las Vegas.  While I’d love to see to see Patty Loveless again (I saw her in 2000), there are still four other ladies that are on my concert bucket list to see:  Pam Tillis (who I’ll see on November 2nd), Lorrie Morgan, Olivia Newton-John, and a woman that doesn’t tour much anymore.  And, today she is celebrating her 71st birthday.

Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*
¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday dear Helen Reddy!!!!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥


Helen Reddy was born in Melbourne, Australia and she conquered music, television, theater, and even movies.  In “Airport 1975”, she played a nun and entertained people on the doomed flight with a guitar and a song.  She was even nominated for a Golden Globe award!

HelenReddy Airport 1975

However, it was music that made her a superstar and at the height of her popularity, she was known as the “Queen of 70s Pop”.  On the Billboard Hot 100, she had 14 hits.  Six of those reached the Top Ten and three went all the way to #1.

Her first hit, “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from “Jesus Christ Superstar” reached #13 in 1971.

But, it wasn’t until the fall of the following year that Helen Reddy would become a music superstar and an icon to one of the biggest movements in recent history — women’s rights.

When the song, “I Am Woman” was originally released in the summer of 1972, it peaked at #97 in its third week on the chart and then it disappeared.  In the fall, the song was re-released and by December, it was a #1 smash.

“I Am Woman” became the first #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 by an Australian-born singer and the first Australian-penned song to win a Grammy Award.  While accepting the award, Helen thanked God, because “she” made everything possible.

While becoming a chart topper and a Grammy-award winning song, it became so much more.  It became an anthem for millions as the “women’s movement” for equality gathered steam.

Helen Reddy’s own experience in the entertainment business prompted the song.  She says, “Women have always been objectified in showbiz.  I’d be the opening act for a comic and as I was leaving the stage he’d say, ‘Yeah, take your clothes off and wait for me in the dressing room, I’ll be right there’. It was demeaning and humiliating for any woman to have that happen publicly.”

Helen knew things had to change and she believed with the right song, her voice could do that.  Reddy says, ” “I remember lying in bed one night and the words, ‘I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman’, kept going over and over in my head. That part I consider to be divinely inspired. I had been chosen to get a message across.”  With her lyrics and fellow Australian guitarist Ray Burton’s music, an anthem was born.


I remember “I Am Woman” very well and that same conviction inspired me as a kid and now, as an adult, to push forward in the gay rights and marriage equality movements.  It made me stronger and gave me the strength to stand up to anyone who ever tried to belittle me for being gay.

After the follow-up single, “Peaceful,” missed out on the Top Ten, Helen would top the charts again with her next single, “Delta Dawn”.  While that song was already a Top Ten country hit for Tanya Tucker in 1972 and being performed live in concert by Bette Midler, Helen’s version was released in the summer of 1973.


I remember my grandparents, John & Helen Peoples, taking me shopping and “Delta Dawn” by Helen Reddy was the very first 45 single I ever bought.

In the late 1970s, I only owned three eight-track tapes:  Billy Joel’s “Glass Houses”, Olivia Newton-John’s “Totally Hot”, and “Helen Reddy’s Greatest Hits”.  It went on to move more than two million copies.


Helen would go on to score four more Top Ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100:  “Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)” (#3, 1973), “You And Me Against The World (#9, 1974), “Angie Baby” (#1, 1974), and “Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady” (#8, 1975).

Her last Hot 100 pop hit was 1977’s “You’re My World” that peaked at #18.

Sadly, Helen decided to give up touring in the fall of 2002 when wrapped up her tour in Edmonton, Canada.  She moved back to Australia and put the music industry behind her and became a clinical hypnotherapist.

In November 2011, she did a great interview with an Australian television show, “Today Tonight”.  It’s incredible to see how she choose to go from being a music superstar of the 1970s to enjoying a quiet life today and doing whatever she pleases.

Back in 2008, she said that she “will never again perform before an audience” and that she’s “moved on.”

For some lucky fans, that isn’t the case.  This summer, she performed at a jazz bar in San Diego, California, and at a benefit concert for the arts outside of Los Angeles.

And, according to her website, she is performing four concerts in March 2013:  one in South Carolina, one in Florida, and two in New York City.  Since I would be so excited to see her, I hope more dates will follow.

So, on this special day, Happy Birthday Miss Helen Reddy and “keep on singing”.

I’m including this because it’s one of my favorite songs and it’s subliminal. 🙂  See the preceding comment about hoping more concerts will follow!



I’ve been back from Las Vegas now for nine days and it seems like forever.

The good news is that my healthy eating and exercise routine this summer worked and I lost 25 pounds and kept it off for the Madonna concert.  That really wasn’t the only reason for being healthy this summer.  I wanted to lose the 15 pounds that I gained since Ray and I met back in February 2009.

While in Vegas, we did a lot of walking and we even walked on the hotel treadmill.  One thing we didn’t do on vacation was count calories.  You know from reading my blog that I love food, so I’m going to share some of my plates with you.  Food porn, as some may call it!

We went grocery shopping to buy some snacks for the hotel room.  But, we only ate one meal each day and yes, that one meal was a buffet.

By far, the best dining experience on this trip was Saturday brunch for my birthday at the Stratosphere.

While the presentation, the food, the bottomless mimosas, and the champagne was incredible, what was truly impressive is that the brunch was only $19.99 each!  Great tasting and a great bargain!

The choices were endless and it seemed like the chefs switched out various entrees every 20-30 minutes.  It goes without saying, but I will, that even before I got my first plate, of many, that I checked out the desserts.

Along with my first two mimosa, my first plate was salad and fresh fruit.  So far, so good.

As I moved up to lunch fare on the second plate of swordfish, lox and capers, smoked salmon, pork, couscous, and veggies, I switched over to champagne for two glasses.  I didn’t want to overdo it with orange juice and Vitamin C!  🙂

From there, I moved back to breakfast food and back to mimosas for two more.

When I do buffets, I don’t load my plates with food because I don’t waste and I eat every bite.  For this one, I had Eggs Benedict, some French toast with whipped topping, crushed Heath bars, and a cherry, along with some bacon and fruit.


When I went back for my last plate before dessert, I had some chilled crab legs, which I’ve never had before.  I also had more lox and smoked salmon, and a little antipasto salad, and another mimosa.  And, then it was time to have dessert.

Before even going to brunch and Vegas, I already had my mind set on what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday and it must have been my lucky day because they had it!

That carrot cake was excellent and it was even better when I drizzled it with caramel sauce.  Oh, by the way, that picture is a little deceiving.  Of course, I had to wash it down with something!

We topped off brunch with a toast to my birthday and to a fantastic time at the Madonna concert later that night.  It was incredible.  Ray and I have decided that when we go back in January to see Lady Gaga we will be having the Stratosphere weekend brunch again.

In case you lost track, I had a total or seven or eight beverages for brunch. 🙂


On Friday, our second day in Vegas, we took the Monorail train and walked to two grocery stores to get snacks, cherry-flavored vodka, and wine.  While shopping, we noticed a Chinese buffet and decided to have lunch there.  It’s a good thing we did that because we ended up getting tickets to Elton John that night, so we didn’t eat dinner.

So, while the Chinese buffet was good, I won’t count it as my second favorite buffet because it wasn’t at a casino.  That would go to the Palms Bistro Buffet Sunday night.  This summer, we bought a Travelzoo 2-for-1 special and that is why we went out of our way to the Palms.

The buffet was not maintained well and a little messy, but the food was decent.

Before I even got my salad and fruit plate, our interaction with the waitress was rather standoffish.  Wine or beer came with dinner.  I asked, “what are your wine choices?” and she replied, “white or red”.

Simple enough, but I was still curious and asked, “what are the white wine choices?” to which she replied, “white or red”, and I politely looked back at her and said, “is that a white zinfandel or chardonnay?”, to which she finally understood and brought me the chardonnay, the only white wine choice.  At least, there was no confusion on the diet coke!


The highlight of my second plate was several different varieties of curried chicken.  When I went back for the third plate, I once again tried more of the curried chicken and a chilled crab leg.  However, the Palms chilled crab leg for dinner didn’t have the same effect, or taste, as the brunch chilled crab leg Saturday at the Stratosphere.

And, of course, I topped the meal off with dessert, or I should say, desserts!  In addition to what you see here, I also have a small bowl of chocolate ice cream.  However, we’ve all seen that so I didn’t take a picture of it. 🙂

The highlight of this meal was a funny interaction between us, our server, and another table.  Midway through the meal, a couple two tables behind us was getting ready to leave.  We had already noticed that the woman was rather bosomy.  And, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a woman who has probably had a AARP card for many, many years doesn’t have boobies that are that “out there and up there”.

As she walked by, Ray and I both watched her walk by.  I looked up and the waitress was looking at the sight, too.  She then looked over at me and realized that I was watching her watch the couple walk by.  For a couple of seconds, she didn’t know how to react.  So, I smiled that knowing smile.  Okay, it was an OMG smile and that broke the tension for the rest of the meal.

Hey, I say, “if you got the money and you want them, buy them and own them, they’re yours”!

Somehow segueing from desserts to boobies is probably wrong on so many levels.  I’ll just blame it on Madonna since I saw her the night before!

And, the buffet that really was not all that remarkable was the one that we had on the first night in Las Vegas and it was the most expensive.  It was the Big Belly Buffet at the Monte Carlo and it definitely wasn’t worth the $50 for the two of us.

You know it’s not all that spectacular when you load your plate with cantaloupe, honeydew, and veggies!  In all fairness, the limited sushi selections were good and the chicken enchilada was tasty.  The best dessert offering was the individual mini pecan pie.  I had two of them with some ice cream.

Upon returning from Vegas last Monday, we went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday with Gretel and Tammy at Osaka Buffet in Moline, Illinois, my favorite in the Quad Cities.  (Wise Guys Pizza in Davenport, Iowa, is a close second!)

Tammy made me a Twinkie Cake for my birthday and it was scrumptious.

Tammy and Gretel each had one piece that night, which meant that Ray and I finished it off that week.  And, that wasn’t the end of the indulgence or should I say, gluttony.  We had another buffet Friday night with Gretel.

So, after gaining a total of six pounds (and, eight for Ray), we’re both back on the healthy eating and exercising routine.  We’ve both already shed more than three of those vacation pounds.

Here’s a bit of irony.  On the day before Vegas, I had my annual physical in Chicago (and everything came back great).  My doctor was happy that I lost weight, but he told me, “don’t lose any more weight”.  Somehow, my mind told me, in Vegas, that meant eat all I wanted. 🙂

That old saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” might be true for some things, but it isn’t for the weight gain.  Those pounds followed us home!


Remembering The Woman That Inspired Me To Go Into Television News

While I credit my mother’s strengths, and weaknesses, to getting me to where I am today in life, she never saw me working at a commercial, network-affiliated television station.  She did see me on television as a weathercaster and music show host (“Music Visions”) on MSU TV-11, our campus television station in Murray, Kentucky, back in the 1980s.


She was always proud of my straight As in high school, for which I thank  my favorite science teacher, Roxanne Ferguson, and my favorite math teacher, Vasteene Rives.  They inspired to me to follow my dreams of being a scientist.

As a teenager, I confirmed that I wanted to be a television meteorologist.  For that, I have current “Good Morning America” weatherman Sam Champion, who was working at WPSD in Paducah, Kentucky, back then, along with WPSD meteorologist Paul Boucherau to thank.  Also, there’s former “Good Morning America” meteorologist John Coleman, who started the “The Weather Channel”.

However, the person that inspired me the most to get into the television news “rat race” was a woman who tragically died on this day back in 1983.

While some Americans first learned of Jessica Savitch on the radio in New Jersey and New York in the 1960s as the “honeybee”, while she attended Ithaca College in New York, her first television job was at KHOU in Houston, Texas in 1971.

She worked her way up from being a reporter to becoming the first woman news anchor in the South three months after starting there.  It didn’t take long for the big markets to seek her out.  In 1972, she was hired at KYW in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the fourth largest television market in the country, for the weekend newscasts.  She then became that station’s main anchor.

From there, NBC News came calling in 1977 and offered her a position as the Washington correspondent.  Although it was tough on her because many thought she was given the position for her beauty, she fought to prove herself and become the weekend news anchor.


On air, Jessica was magical.  The camera loved her.  America loved her.  And, I  loved her.  As much as I wanted to be a television weatherman, I remember as a teenager sitting on my bed reading the newspaper to the wall pretending it was a camera and wanting to be just like Jessica Savitch.

It’s often said that fame and success comes with a price.  And, that’s true.  For Jessica, the price she paid for success was rumored to be drugs.   I won’t say that it’s true or it wasn’t because I wasn’t there.

Nevertheless, her private life was a mess.  It started with her abusive boyfriend back in Houston, who was a reporter at a competing station and continued with her two failed marriages in 1980 and 1981.  Her second husband, Dr. Donald Payne, committed suicide in the basement of their Washington DC townhouse  with her husky, Chewy’s, leash knowing that Jessica would find him.

It had to be rough on all women, including Jessica, working their way up in the male chauvinistic world of television in the 1970s.  For women, it meant you had to work twice as hard as men to accomplish less and it also meant that you made enemies.  Enemies that would make  recorded tantrums public.

Being a television personality, I’ll defend Jessica here.  I have been burned several times by the production crew, directors, and producers with timing issues.  You are the person on the air that is cut off, rushed, or made to look bad.  You are the face that people at home see when things go wrong.

As the rumors swirled about Jessica’s possible drug use and erratic behavior, it all reached a climax with this NBC News Digest from 1983.

Jessica blamed it on a faulty teleprompter (the magic words of the scripts on the camera that an anchor reads), yet her publicist said it was adverse reaction to prescription medication and a glass of wine at dinner.  Nevertheless, it added fuel to the fire about Jessica.

Jessica began dating Martin Fischbein, the Vice President of the “New York Post”, and seemed happy.  On the evening of October 23, 1983, they drove to New Hope, Pennsylvania, to have dinner at Odette’s Restaurant.

When Jessica and Martin left the restaurant in heavy rain, she got in the backseat with Chewy.  In the inclement weather, Martin apparently missed the posted warning signs and the car dropped fifteen feet and sank in the mud to the bottom of the old Pennsylvania Canal’s Delaware Division, which is on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River.


Jessica, Martin, and Chewy were trapped inside and they all died.


The official cause of death was asphyxiation by drowning.  No drugs or alcohol played any part in the crash, according to the coroner’s report.

In the fall of 1983, I gave a speech about Jessica Savitch and her death in my “Introduction to Radio-Television” class at Murray State and I made a “B” for my presentation.


Jessica, I still think of you 29 years after your death and I thank you for inspiring me and so many young women that followed in your footsteps.  You set the standard for television news that is still being mimicked today.


They Said What??? Chick-fil-A, Rick Santorum, Ann Coulter, Aziz Ansari, & Tom Hanks


“One of my speeches, I went to Iowa. And immediately when I announced that I was going to Iowa, everyone started, well, is he running for president?  Well I said, yeah, that’s the logical thing for someone who lost their last Senate race in 2006 by the largest margin of any incumbent in 40 years.  Sure, run for president! That makes all the sense in the world!”


“Only a fruitcake wouldn’t love our party trays.”


“This is an advertisement that a locally owned and operated restaurant has been using for the past five years to promote Chick-fil-A’s catering options during the holidays.  It was simply a play on words referring to the traditional holiday food, and the restaurant had no intention of offending anyone whatsoever. We regret the flier may have been taken out of context.”


(in a tweet that ticked off gay activists):  “Why does it seem like I always crave Chick-fil-A on Sundays?? #Frustrating.”


(tweeted):  “Last Thursday was national ‘coming out’ day. This Monday is national ‘disown your son’ day.”


(acknowledging that Coulter’s words were meant to be a joke):  “she is not really taken seriously in any context anyway.”


“Right now, there is a fight going on to help make this a fairer and more equitable nation. For me, President Obama is our best choice to get us and keep us moving in the right direction.”


“Governor Romney also believes, consistent with the 10th Amendment, that it should be left to the states to decide whether to grant same-sex couples certain benefits, such as hospital visitation rights and the ability to adopt children.”


(after dropping the “f-bomb” on “Good Morning America”):  “Man oh man, I’m sorry.  I have never done that before. I want to apologize to the kids in America that are watching this right now, and let me say next time on the show there will be a seven-second delay.”


(tweet):  “Guess who’s coming on The New Normal as Bryan’s [Andrew Rannells] sexy ex-boyfriend? The one and only Matt Bomer!!!”


“At this point, why is anyone against gay marriage?” Ansari asked Kimmel. “You know you’re going to lose. You know you’re on the wrong side of things. These are the same people that didn’t want women to vote, that didn’t want black guys to play football. What was the last thing they were opposed to? Interracial relationships? Look, if you’re opposed to interracial relationships, guess what: I’m f***ing white girls, there’s nothing you can do about it!”


(about Vice President wannabe Paul Ryan):  “I mean this is a guy who voted against Matthew Shepard and the Hate Crimes law. This is a guy who voted against gay and lesbian couples adopting.  What’s so disappointing about Ryan is the generational disappointment. He’s roughly my age, and I have a lot of Republican friends my age and they’ve just moved on, they’ve evolved on these issues. But Ryan hasn’t, and that’s so extraordinarily disappointing. If he represents a generational shift in the Republican Party, that scares the hell out of me. That’s a generational shift backwards, from my perspective, not a leap forward. So a Romney presidency concerns me also because of these federal court appointees. I really fear for that even more broadly speaking. Not just the marriage issue, but the rights of gay and lesbian Americans.”



Reflections — visibly, you can see them in a mirror, in shiny new kitchen cookware, and on a smooth body of water, like this December 2007 photo of Miss ABBA on vacation in Andover, Ohio.

And, you can reflect in your mind of things that happened in the past or things that will happen in the future.

This weekend, as I continue working through my eight-day schedule since returning from Vegas, I’m thinking that one week ago, I got to spend my birthday with Elton John, Madonna, and Ray.

Yesterday, while talking to my sister, Tammy, on the phone, she reminded me that two months from this weekend, we’ll be cruising the western Caribbean on our pre-Christmas cruise.  I’ve been so busy trying to stay afloat after our Vegas trip that it slipped my mind.  Gretel and Betty (Mom) will also be going on the cruise with us.

That means in less than two months, we’ll be in New Orleans checking out the Christmas sights and sounds of the “Big Easy” and allowing Miss Gretel to have gumbo and beignets.

It’s nice to reflect on happy times in the past and future things that we’ll experience for the first time.  I know all of us are very excited for the cruise because we’ve never done anything like this before (except for Ray more than twenty years ago).  And, to do it at the holidays is even more magical.

Reflecting about the upcoming holidays also takes my mind off the fact that my work contract is up at the end of November and I haven’t had any talks about renewing my contract!!


Wallflowers Do Blossom!

Thirty years ago, in high school, I was a wallflower and Ray was outgoing and fun (and he’s the one that went to a Catholic school)!   A wallflower is a loner or a shy person that doesn’t socialize or participate in activities at social events.

The only thing that I took part in during high school was reciting the creed in a Future Farmers of America (FFA) function my freshman year, only because it was required as part of the initiation process and then I opted out of FFA my final three years of high school.

The only things I thought about in high school were making straight-As and becoming a weatherman.  Look where both of those things got me.  🙂  Luckily, in college and beyond, I blossomed from an introvert to a very outgoing, public figure.

That is a good thing because I feel that confidence is something that I want to instill in my 11-year-old daughter, Gretel, as she goes through those ever-changing, drama-filled teen years!

Thursday night, Ray and I went to see the movie, “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” (now playing at the Rave Cinema in Davenport, Iowa, and in more than 700 theaters across the country).  And, it’s definitely a movie I suggest to parents with kids in  junior high or high school.  We may have forgotten just how bad or stressful high school really was and that it wasn’t always a blast.

The movie is based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Stephen Chbosky.  Luckily, when the movie was filmed last year in and near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the author also wrote the screenplay and directed the movie.

“Perks” follows Charlie, played by Logan Lerman, who’s biggest role has been playing demigod Percy Jackson in the series based on the books by Rick Riordan.  The first movie came out in 2010 and the sequel arrives in theaters next fall.

Charlie is a shy teenager beginning his freshman year of high school and he’s already counting down the days until he graduates from day one.  He writes letters to an anonymous person to express everything that happens in his life since he doesn’t feel that he can talk to his family.  His closest relative is his Aunt Helen and we see her in flashbacks.

At school, he develops a rapport with his English teacher, Bill, played with quiet subtly by Paul Rudd.  Bill encourages Charlie to read many classic literary works to expand the young man’s intellect.

In shop class, Charlie meets Patrick (Ezra Miller), a senior that is taking the class with the freshman because he’s such a cut-up that he can’t pass the course and move on.  We also learn that Patrick makes jokes about everything because he’s harboring his own secrets and heartbreak.

Last year, Miller starred in “We Need To Talk About Kevin”, which is still one of my favorite movies that I saw earlier this year.  He was even nominated for his performance in that chilling, psychological thriller that was grossly passed over by moviegoers and the Academy Awards.

The third of the major stars of the movie is also the biggest star in the movie.  Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” movie series.  This is her first starring role since leaving Hogwarts behind.

All three actors are very believable and you feel their joy and their heartbreak throughout the 102-minute movie.  You’ll laugh and you’ll want to cry and you’ll be thankful that you survived high school.

The movie follows Charlie as he meets Patrick and Sam (Watson) at a football game and he mistakenly thinks that Patrick and Sam are dating.  Actually, they’re step-brother and sister.  Charlie writes about going out afterwards to a diner with Patrick and Sam, a ride through the tunnel that becomes a focal point of the movie, Patrick’s love affair, Charlie getting his first kiss and his first relationship, and his falling in love with Sam.

The funniest scene in the movie is when the group attends a party and Charlie samples brownies at a stoner’s house.  While the laced treats allow Charlie to be honest with his feelings, it also hints at the darker past that haunts the quiet teen.

There’s also a Christmas scene in the movie and I definitely have a weakness for movies that feature my favorite season.

“The Perks of Being A Wallflower” is a powerfully charged, must-see movie this fall.

Along with “Argo”, it goes to show that Hollywood does produce some quality offerings.  Now, bring on “Lincoln” and “Zero Dark Thirty”.


A Plea For Me To “Quit Destroying Our World”!!!

More than 381-thousand people live in the Quad Cities’ metro area and with our newscasts streaming live on the internet, potentially we could reach billions of people (ha! ha! — just sayin’), so it goes without saying that we’re bound to make someone mad. 🙂

I love when viewers choose to watch me for their weather forecast to plan out their day or weekends.  However, we can’t always please everyone and sometimes, we downright tick people off.  No, I didn’t interrupt someone’s programming this time to give them a severe weather update.  Let me share an email that we received this morning (and I’ll leave the typos in there) and my response.  It takes all kinds to make this a wonderful world.

From “Brett”:

“My tip is to let people know that the people involved in broadcasting news at wqad are not people who think before they speak. Any listener watching wqad should be aware of this, and be very careful what they listen to when watching wqad. For example, in this mornings 6:30am broadcast, the anchorwoman and the weatherman both made statements regarding the wonderful rain we have finally been receiving. The anchorwoman said”Rain, rain, go away.” The anchorman called for the rain to leave and the sun to return; planting those seeds of thought in all of your veiwers minds. Just last week your station reported that we were @10″ behind on rainfall for the year.
We need any rain we can get, as soon as possible, if we are to return any moisture content to the soil and subsoil. If we dont get it, we will have devasting effects on our food crops next year. This in return will lead to food shortages. Is that really what your broadcasters want to happen. I am working together with a group of people to bring back reality to our world. People like me veiw you folks are a microcosm of society. The majority of people are now acting on thoughts produced from a reaction to some emotional sequence(ie.:fear, anger, sorrow). The example of your broadcasters words this morning proves my point. Think! Stop planting bad seeds in the minds of your veiwers! The books “Think and Grow Rich”, and “The Secret”, both touch on the idea of thoughts creating reality. Have you read them? Thoughts are things! PLEASE, quit destroying our world with your lack of rational, reasonable, logical thought. Thanks. 🙂

My response!


Since you live in a world of “reality”, here’s something that may come as shock to you.  The universe does NOT rotate around my axis or yours.  People listen to my forecast to plan their day or weekend, but they don’t hang on every word television people say.

Rebecca may have said what you are crediting her with and my response was about sunshine returning this weekend.  However, did you zone out after that when I said more rain is on the way Sunday night through Tuesday?  And, all through the morning show yesterday, I talked about much-needed rain would be falling the next couple of days and that would work to replenish the subsoil.  And, I did mention that while we are above average on rainfall in October, we’re still more than 9″ below average for the year.

Brett, the bottom line is that I live in the “real world” and in the scientific world of meteorology, I also know that the atmosphere is always working to balance itself out.  That doesn’t happen overnight and it may take years.

We’ve had flooding rains some months and droughts in others, but neither last.  Otherwise, we’d have deserts in the Quad Cities or we’d become an extensive of the Great Lakes and be underwater.  That’s reality.

I appreciate you taking the time to watch us and to respond.  I’m glad we have you to keep is in check with a “rational, reasonable, logical thought” process.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the rain today, Sunday night, Monday, Monday night, and early Tuesday.

Anthony Peoples

In 1985, Mr. Mister released the album, “Welcome To The Real World” and in 1990, Alan Jackson charted with “Here in The Real World”.  Maybe I should listen to them again and come back to reality.

Have a great weekend everyone!