Peeps’ Friday ’80s Flashbacks

It’s Friday and I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend.  I’m emceeing a “Winter Wonderland Style Show” fundraiser early Saturday afternoon and then coming home to decorate outdoors for Christmas.  Since it’s Friday, you know I always share three of my favorite songs from the 1980s, my favorite music decade.


One thing that stood out about Englishman Howard Jones other than his touching music was his very big, teased hair.  Gotta love the ’80s!

HoJo scored nine Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts with two of them reaching the Top Ten.  The 1985 hit, “Things Can Only Get Better” made it up to #5 and in 1986, he had his biggest American hit when “No One Is To Blame” peaked at #4.

My choice today is the song that introduced America to Howard.  “New Song” was his first hit and it was just a modest hit reaching #29 in 1984.


The Australian band, Moving Pictures, was an American one-hit wonder group.

They had three hits on their native continent, including today’s pick that topped the charts there.

In 1982,” What About Me” spent one-half of the year on the Billboard Hot 100 and 13 of those weeks in the Top Forty, eventually peaking at #29.  I might have been the only person in America that bought the 45 single.  And, it wasn’t a picture sleeve because until I watched the video last night, I didn’t realize that the lead singer was such a cutie.

Clearly, after searching YouTube, Alex Smith, the lead singer still looked good six years later in 1988. 🙂



Today’s final choice will have most of you saying, “I’ve never even heard of them”.  And, unless you were a club kid or following synth music, you probably haven’t heard of the Philadelphia band.  Their biggest claim to fame was opening for a much more popular synth band, Depeche Mode.

Book of Love scored 8 hits on the Billboard Dance chart with 5 of them making the Top Ten.  It’s interesting that their first hit, “Boy” reached #7 in 1985 and the remixes of that song  also hit #1 in 2000.

Of their other six hits, my choice today is their #5 dance hit from 1988 that also charted on the Billboard Hot 100.  It peaked at #90!   Woo Hoo!

Nevertheless, it’s an awesome song.  And, there’s even a “Tubular Bells” remix that features the eerie sounds of the music from “The Exorcist”.

Have a great weekend.



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