First Snow Of The Season

Happy Sunday to you!  Now that I have your attention, it looks as though the Quad Cities may experience the first snowflakes of the season later today and early tonight.  Last Tuesday, some light snow fell up around Dubuque, Iowa, and Savanna, Illinois, so this won’t be their first.

It’s a good thing that I took advantage of the record warmth yesterday when we hit 71° to hang the Christmas lights outside.

Today, a strong cold front will move across the Mississippi River and bring much colder weather, rain, and a few thunderstorms this morning and by later this afternoon and early tonight that rain will mix with or change over to sleet and then light snow before ending!

Oh no!  However, we’re getting off easy.  This same front and storm system brought up to 18″ of snow to North Dakota and now bitterly cold air is on the way for tonight and Monday.

If we get light snow this evening and early tonight, it won’t be too far off from our first snow last year, which fell on November 9th.

And, while only 0.3″ accumulated (and that was the only measurable snow in November 2011), it was a special snow for me.

As you recall, last winter was Miss ABBA’s last one and after she was diagnosed with cancer in late March 2011 and given two to three months to live, I was grateful that she was healthy, happy, and that she defied the odds and enjoyed the first flakes of snow in the fall.  I want you to know that I’ll continue to remember my precious golden in my blogs up until the one year anniversary of her death (February 3rd) and then I’ll remember her only in my heart and in my memories.  So, there’s still a few more blogs about her to come. 🙂

And, before you freak out over the possibility of a few snowflakes, here’s another case of just how bad it could be today.  It was on this date 101 years ago on 11/11/1911 (I just love using all of the ones) that the infamous “Great Blue Norther” or “11/11/11 Blue Norther” hit the upper Midwest.  It brought snow, sleet,  and crashing temperatures in the cold air and tornadoes out ahead of it in the warm air.

Around noon, the high temperature reached 79° in Keokuk, Iowa, in the southeastern part of the state.  Between 2 and 3 p.m.. the temperature dropped 37°  and by midnight, it was down to 14°.  The high temperature the next day on November 12, 1911, in Keokuk was only 17°, which was 62° colder than the day before.

There were nine tornadoes in five states that day with 13 deaths.  The first tornado touched down just west of Davenport, Iowa, damaging five farms and one barns.  Luckily, only one person was hurt, because tornadoes near Janesville, Wisconsin, killed nine people and injured 50.

So, let it snow, because it could definitely be worse this time of the year.

Everyone, enjoy your Sunday.  We’re going to build a blazing fire in the fireplace, make some popcorn, drink peppermint martinis, and watch movies.  I’m definitely in the Christmas spirit and although Gretel has already seen it, we’re going to watch “Arthur Christmas” to kick off the season.

Christmas is coming and you have to believe in something!



6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by cori sharer on November 11, 2012 at 8:59 am

    bring on the snow.!! im sooo ready!!


  2. So nice we can still enjoy an interesting, informative weather forecast here in the Quads. Thank you Anthony.


  3. Posted by Terri Unsworth on November 11, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Wishing I had put lights up outside yesterday. But if it is going to be that cold we might as well have snow along with it :)…..


  4. Thank you for posting this as I enjoyed the facts from 1911. The grandson just came out of the bedroom and told us it was snowing big, fluffy snowflakes! Beautiful to look at!
    Loved the photo of dear, sweet Abba. We have had many dogs of different varieties miss them all. It will be the same with our “meaner than a snake” chihuahua when she is gone.


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