Ice, Ice (Fishing) Baby

Six months ago, Ray and I spent a Sunday afternoon digging up our backyard and we acquired fourteen new “pets”.  After the transition from pet store aquariums to our pond, ten of our goldfish survived.

Even with one of the hottest summers on record in the Quad Cities with highs reaching 90° or higher, 45 times and of those, five at or above 100°, adding ice cubes and a frozen bottle of ice kept them alive, happy, and plump!  Boy, did they grow.


With winter weather and freezing cold closing in on us, we had to make the decision of whether to bring in the ten fish or leave them outside this winter with the help of a heater.

That’s the option we chose and our de-icer arrived in the mail in late September and Ray installed it.


With overnight lows this morning and yesterday morning in the 20-25° range, our fish and the de-icer were put to the test.


Would we have frozen Gorton’s fish sticks or would the water be free of ice?  As I walked around the house down to the fish pond, here was the bird bath!

Bird Bath

And, when I got to the fish pond, it was a beautiful sight.  Not only was it free of ice and the fountain still had water sprinkling out, one of the fish was swimming around the de-icer.

Cold Fish Pond

Now, our little Nemos (actually, none of them look like Nemo, and luckily, none look like Asian carp) are ready to experience their first outdoor Mississippi Valley winter, complete with snow, cold, and blizzard-like conditions.

I found this picture online and let’s just hope this isn’t the case for our fish come January or  February.


But, I’ve read that even if there’s a layer of ice on top, the fish will still have enough oxygen to live through the winter as long as the pond doesn’t freeze solid!

And, if the heater isn’t enough to keep the ice away, we’ll get an aquarium and bring them indoors and then they’ll have to fend off Gretel’s two cats. 🙂


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by olivia on November 13, 2012 at 8:05 am

    yeaaaaaa!! Super excited they survived!! Good job guys!!!


  2. I thought that first iced picture was them! Glad so far they are ok…I always wondered what folks do with their ornamental fish in the winter. I guess we will find out!


  3. Posted by renea robison on November 13, 2012 at 9:07 am

    we found a live gold fish in a bowl in a house that had been empty for a while(even over the winter with no heat), the pipes had burst and this fish was in about two inches of icky black water and still alive!!!


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