Peeps’ Friday ’80s Flashbacks — Special Edition

It’s Friday, the day I normally post three of my favorite pop songs of the 1980s.  This week, I’m deviating off course a little.  I joked with Ray the other night while walking that I lost my dog and my job this year and that I’m just a break-up away from my life turning into a country song!  🙂

So, with that in mind, here are three of my favorite ’80s country songs!


My idol, Reba McEntire, is tied with Dolly Parton with the most number one songs by a country female artist with 25 chart toppers.  She is also the leader with the most Top Ten songs by a woman in country music with 59!

She also has the fourth longest span between her first #1 song, “Can’t Even Get The Blues” and her most recent, “Turn Up The Radio”, at 28 years!  That first one came in January 1983 and her most recent was on January 2011.

While I have many favorite Reba songs, today’s pick is my all-time favorite.  “One Promise Too Late” was released in the summer of 1987 and it topped the charts that fall.


Randy Travis was the hottest man in country music from the mid-1980s to the early-1990s.

He’s reached the top of the charts 16 times and has had seven more songs to peak at #2!

“Forever and Ever, Amen” was his fifth consecutive Top Ten hit and his third #1 song.  When it topped the chart, it was the also the beginning of another chart run of seven consecutive #1 songs that ran from 1987 to 1989.


Rosanne Cash, the daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash, had a very successful run of hits from her first one that reached #17  in 1979 to her last one that peaked at #39 in 1990.

She was definitely hot in the 1980s with 20 Top 40 hits.  Of those, 15 reached the Top Ten, and 11 reached the top of the country charts.

Most probably remember Rosanne from “Seven Year Ache” and “My Baby Think He’s A Train”, but my favorite was released in early 1985 and became her fourth #1 song.


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