Peace on Earth — All Around The World

I love sending out Christmas cards and I love getting them.  While I know most people are not like me and take them to the post office the day before Thanksgiving so they start their trek across the country, it’s a routine that I’ve done for the past twenty years.

It’ll be exciting to start getting them in the mail.  While the holidays are just now beginning, I’ve already gotten three cards from friends, one from my bank, and one that I will cherish and keep forever.

When I saw the envelope, I was very careful in opening it because I knew I wanted to keep it.

JC Envelope.JPG


If you’ve read my blog, you know that I absolutely love President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn.  I’ve blogged about how much I’d love to spend a week with President Carter and how he was given a bum deal in the late-1970s with the many problems he faced while President.

When this was originally published in November 2012, I wrote, “No, I don’t personally know President Carter.  I was probably added to the mailing list of  “The Carter Center” by donating money to Habitat For Humanity, which I’ve done many times and recently.  But, I’d love to think that I was added to the mailing list because the former President has read my blog.” 🙂

However, in July 2017, my wish came true.  I got to meet President Carter and Rosalynn!

Autograph Carters

Inside the envelope was a four page letter from Jimmy Carter that started out with why he and his wife have worked so hard since leaving the White House in January 1981.

Letter From President Carter

And, there was a note from the former First Lady, Rosalynn.


The president went on to talk about how their work had to be “non-partisan and non-political”, had to approach the problems of the world in a new way, and that their work toward a “peaceful, healthier world” would be interfaith.  And, it must be working because President Carter says that more than 900,000 Americans have joined The Carter Center.

Right now, the organization is “working to avert violence and foster peace and growth in Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America”,” is working to end hunger in developing countries, teaching farmers to be self-reliant” and combating Guinea worm disease “that threatened more than 120 million people from India to Africa” in 1986.  Today, there are fewer than 500 reported cases.

Card CoverCard Inside

Along with the business part of the mailing was this Christmas card.  The cover, “White Dove”, is from an original oil on canvas painting by President Carter.

As I stated before, I know this is a standard mailing.  However, it still touches my heart and solidifies my thoughts that President Carter is one of the greatest men alive.

If you want to donate, here’s the link to the Carter Center:


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Darla on November 28, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    The day after Thanksgiving I as thrilled to get your Christmas card; now tears are replaced by an incredible warm feeling when I see ABBA. Still mad that Doug got to see her as a puppy and I did not (haha). I love Jimmy Carter, too. Even though it was a mass mailing, only the Carters could make it feel so homey and personal.


    • Darla,

      I’m glad you for the card and smiled and cried over Miss ABBA. I appreciate you letting me know about the CNN iReport tribute. I did it today and I’m glad I did.

      Mass mailing or not, I smiled.

      Merry Christmas, my friend.



  2. I’m a huge fan of President Carter as well, and would be just as excited as you! As far as having my cards ready…. I make my own cards each year, and I haven’t even started them yet. I have a 4-day weekend starting tomorrow, though, and I think that’s at the top of my list. We’ll see whether I procrastinate or not!


  3. Posted by Connie Huizenga on December 5, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    Anthony, I am so very happy for you. Be it from a mass mailing or from a moment that you and President Carter had, I know the best present you will get this Christmas is the Christmas card from Jimmy and Rosalyn. Merry Christmas my friend.


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