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Our Pre-Christmas Caribbean Cruise

Happy New Year’s Eve to you.  I’m so ready for 2012 to end and I’m excited about the new adventures that lie ahead for me and for all of my friends in 2013.  It’s also hard to believe that one of the biggest adventures of my life ended one week ago today and I’m just now posting a blog and photos about it.  Yes, I’m talking about our western Caribbean per-Christmas cruise.

After booking the cruise in May 2012, it finally arrived seven months later with us heading off to Chicago December 18th to start our journey.  In Chicago, we met up with Ray’s sister, Cindy, and his aunt and uncle, Virginia & Joe, for an evening of conversation, Mexican food, and margaritas.


Last Wednesday, Uncle Joe dropped us off at Midway and Betty (Mom) flew in from Cleveland to fly down to New Orleans on the same flight with us.  While sitting at the airport, Gretel entertained herself by drawing each of us on her Kindle.  This is me.

Anthony Art by Gretel

As we arrived in New Orleans Wednesday (12/19), you were bracing for a blizzard back home and we headed out to the French Quarter with temperatures in the 70s for tasty sandwiches at a funky little place called Jimmy J’s Cafe.  We then walked down Bourbon Street, along the Mississippi River, and to the Christmas display at Harrah’s casino.  That evening we also met a dear college friend of mine, Crystal, and her husband, Ants, for beignets at Cafe Du Monde.


While shopping in New Orleans, Gretel bought herself a hoodie sweatshirt and a mask and Ray bought an old man hat (don’t tell him I said this) as a souvenir.


On the afternoon of Thursday, December 20th, we were ready to leave New Orleans after having a yummy muffuletta for lunch and set sail from the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico to the western Caribbean Sea to Cozumel, Mexico, on Saturday, and then turn around to return back to New Orleans on Christmas Eve.


Within minutes of leaving the Port of New Orleans, we were on one of the top decks of the ship for Gretel to act out “King of the World” from “Titanic”.


And, then it happened.  No, Gretel wasn’t hurt!  As we were walking on the deck, the wind caught Ray’s hat and off into the air it went.  As it dropped toward the back of the ship, it appeared that we lucked out and it would land on the deck below.  As I started off toward the stairs to retrieve it, it hit the rail and became one more piece of matter to decompose in the Mississippi River.  We sadly watched it disappear at 20 miles-per-hour.


This picture was taken moments later.  Without a hat, Ray still managed a smile.  In all honesty, as ugly as I thought it was, I was sorry that Ray lost his hat!

We were at sea all day Friday and the one thing that blew us all away was how the water changed from murky and muddy on the Mississippi to crystal clear, blue water at 6,000+ feet deep in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

One thing that was very obvious about going on a cruise is that you never go hungry.  You can get pizza, ice cream, and room service 24 hours a day and there were breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night buffets, along with formal dining each night.

While it was nice to sample many things, one thing that saddened me about the cruise was not so much the amount of gluttony that took place, but the amount of food that people took or ordered and wasted.  This just blew my mind.  People wasting food has always been a pet peeve of mine and I tried not to let it bother me, but it was hard to ignore.  Don’t get me wrong.  I ate plenty on the cruise, but I never wasted anything and I ate everything on my plate.

Here are some of my favorites:  alligator, lobster, sushi, Caribbean jerk chicken, Wisconsin cheese stuffed tomatoes, cold mango soup, warm chocolate cake, cherries jubilee, and bitter/sweet bread pudding, and Tiramisu.


On Friday night, it was the Captain’s Dinner.  That was the one night that it was highly recommended that you really dress up.  And, I think that my cruise mates and I pulled it by looking stunning and dashing.


On Saturday, we arrived in Cozumel, Mexico, for our seven hours on land.  While there, we shopped and went to a beach.


This was the view as we left Cozumel and our Mexican sunset.


After that, we were back on the ship and we spent much of Sunday at the pool and I even went down the big slide into the saltwater pool with Gretel.


And, Gretel and I tried to be very Gaga on the cruise.


And, Miss ABBA got to “enjoy” the ocean, too. 🙂


We didn’t have any trouble going through customs getting off the ship Christmas Eve morning and both flights and the three-hour drive home was uneventful, i.e. no delays.

This first two shots are of our plane descending into Chicago through the clouds.  While both are cool shots, it looks a little freaky.


Overall, we all had a good time.  One thing that we didn’t account for was pairing two women, Tammy and Betty, in the same room.  Both have lived alone for many years and they didn’t exactly room together perfectly and butted heads a few times.  It reached a climax Sunday morning.  After a heart-to-heart talk with each one of them, the rest of the cruise and the vacation went off without a hitch.

Tammy and Gretel both experienced seasickness the second day of the trip, but after a Dramamine, they were okay.  Gretel was also fighting off a cold she caught from her mother before the trip.

Another thing that caught us by surprise on the cruise is that Gretel did not want to participate in any of the Camp Carnival events geared toward kids on board.  So, while they had many things to do, she wanted to hang around the adults, which prevented the grown-ups from checking out the clubs and casino each night.  However, Tammy did do some nighttime activities on her own and Betty hit the casino several times.  Ray and I did stop by the casino and we ended up losing only about $8, but we got to play for a bit.

Overall, we all had a good time on the cruise.  However, if I do another cruise or a major vacation, it will be just me and Ray.  We travel well together and you’re not trying to please everyone and play peacemaker.

A final note about the cruise is something that I found very disheartening.  While the cruise was reasonably priced, I found out that the reason is that Carnival pays their employees very little money (maybe as little as $74/month) and they rely heavily on tips.  They work for almost eight months straight and then get two months off to go back to their home country.  In addition to working seven days a week and months on end, they work multiple shifts in a 24-hour period.

So, my plea to anyone taking a cruise, please make sure you tip your servers and stewards very well before you leave the ship.

I’ll be posting all of the cruise pictures on my Facebook page tomorrow.


Random Thoughts 2012 Recap, Part Three

Okay, new blogs start tomorrow.  This is my final installment of the recaps of my “random” blogs from 2012.  Those are the ones where I talked about multiple topics in one blog.  Basically, it was whatever was on my mind that day!  To read the individual blogs from this fall, I’ve made it easy.  Just click on the title once you’ve opened today’s blog.

September 15, 2012

In this blog, I covered Osama bin Laden, 9/11, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Argo”, “Lincoln”, freaky fish, Asian carp, bananas, and marriage equality.

I’m Having More Random Thoughts

September 27, 2012

My random thoughts on this day included Ohio and the presidential election, heavy rain expected in Houston for my vacation, our fish pond and raccoons, “The Impossible”, Christmas, Reba and “Malibu Country”, “The New Normal”, “Elementary”, and new music from Calvin Harris.

A Buffet of Thoughts — A Little of This & That

November 10, 2012

In this blog, I put the elections into perspective and behind me and I covered the top-selling artists in English music history, how many people believe in God, Christmas cards, and featured new music from Reba McEntire.

My Early November Random Thoughts

November 15, 2012

In this blog, I talked about Channing Tatum being named the “Sexiest Man Alive”, Christmas, Christmas music from Rod Stewart and Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.  Also, I blogged about “The Campaign” and “Arthur Christmas”, bigotry, Madonna, and PSY.

I’m Thinking About Christmas & Much More Today

December 6, 2012

Christmas was on my mind in this blog, along with human rights, Hillary Clinton, the lack of snow, my sister, Tammy, Shania Twain in Las Vegas, Britney Spears and, Christmas decorating, Ke$ha, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and “Love Actually”.

Random December Thoughts

December 15, 2012

And, finally, Christmas, “Dexter”, marriage equality, killing camels, ice, snow, winter, and the fish pond were on my mind in my last random blog of the year.

I’m Having More Random December Thoughts


Random Thoughts 2012 Recap, Part Two

Here’s another round of the random blogs that I posted this summer that covered multiple topics.  To read each random blog, I’ve made it easy so you only have to click on the highlighted title inside the blog.  Have a great Saturday.

June 21, 2012

You Know What I’m Thinking?

In this blog, I talked about classic rock and kitchen renovation, causes of death in the United States, the summer drought and being ready for fall and winter, Olivia Newton-John, my future pick hit from Chris Wallace, and chocolate wine.

July 10, 2012

I’m Thinking About These Things Today (And You May Agree or Disagree)

In this blog,  just ten days before the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting spree, I said “guns don’t kill, people do”.  I know that guns caused the actual deaths, but there was a person behind them.  Sadly, when I wrote this segment of the blog, I referenced the Tucson, Arizona shooting and I had no idea of what would happen later in the month.  And, now we have the fresh, sad memories of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting.  You might find the reading interesting and I welcome your feedback.

I also referenced work and seniority, which is another ill-fated topic since I’m no longer there.

There were also random thoughts about Hank Williams Jr. calling President Obama “Hitler”, food, the remake of “Steel Magnolias”, Carrie Underwood, and the music of Laura Pausini.

August 7, 2012

My Wandering Mind — Here’s What I’m Thinking About

The heavy topic on my mind here was about returning soldiers and the demons they face, which leads to more suicides.  I also touched on human rights.  On a lighter note, I had random thoughts about “Dexter”, fall, food, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Artpop”, Lady Gaga, “The Paperboy”, “Lebanon”, and the music of Demi Lovato.

August 26, 2012

Oh No, He’s Thinking About Random Things

Topics here:  nuclear power plants, healthy eating and cheesecake, bigotry, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, fall, Thomas Roberts’ upcoming marriage, hot new music from Zedd and Madonna, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “Argo”.

One more coming tomorrow.


Random Thoughts 2012 Recap, Part One

Some events in our lives are random.  And, so are many of our thoughts.  As the one year anniversary of my blog approaches, I looked back and I’ve done more than a dozen random blogs  — blogs that cover many topics instead of just one thing.

And, since some of you have been with me and my blog since the beginning and some have joined throughout the year, I want to share those random thoughts and see what your thoughts are on them.  That way, you don’t have to go through the archives to find them.

All you have to do is click on the underlined title of the random blogs and it’ll open them up.

January 22, 2012

Las Vegas, South Carolina, A Womanizer, and Murray State

My first random blog covered a fundraiser that I worked on and the great prizes we won in a silent auction, Las Vegas, the South Carolina primary, (yes, election season was getting underway one year ago), and the Murray State Racers basketball team.

March 31, 2012

Totally Miscellaneous Blog Entry

In the late March blog, I covered basketball, priests, golden retrievers, and Christmas (?).

May 16, 2012

I Definitely Think Too Much — Check Out This Mish Mash of Thoughts

In this May blog, I talked about Mother’s Day, crazy dreams, immorality, the Bible, exciting new music, American Idol, Lady Gaga’s new tour, and two disturbing videos.

June 6, 2012

Rambling Mind and Random Thoughts

On my mind that day was swimming, diet and exercise, the MDNA tour getting underway, cheesecake, political thoughts, Kylie Minogue, and summer movies that had me excited.

Some of the thoughts you may agree with and some you may not, but we can always talk about them diplomatically.

Have a great rest of the year.


My 2012 Favorites CDs

Do you like year-end lists?  Maybe you find them interesting or as a starting point of a heated debated, especially if you disagree.  Yesterday, I shared with you my favorite movies that I watched in 2012.  Now, here are my favorite albums that I bought this year.  Semantics!  Although one of them was released in 2011, I just bought it this year, so it’s new to me and this is my list!  🙂

Just missing out on the Top Ten were #11 “Christmas Spirit” (Richard Marx), #12 “Hello” (Karmin), #13 “Cheers, It’s Christmas” (Blake Shelton), #14 “Christmas With Scotty McCreery (Scotty McCreery) and #15 “Electra Heart (Marina and the Diamonds).



9 CD


#8 CD


#7 CD


#6 CD


#5 CD


#4 CD



#3 CD


#2 CD


#1 CD



*NSFW* (This is one of the best Madonna songs ever — very angry and violent!)

Here’s to 2013!


Anthony’s 2012 Favorite Movies

I love lists.  I love reading them and I love compiling my own.  When I sit down each December to put together my favorite movies and compact discs of the year, I consider anything that is new to me that year.  So, yes, a movie that was released in the past may make my Top Ten list, even though it isn’t “new”.

Here is my list of my favorites movies I saw in 2012.  I encourage you to check out the trailers for the movies that are not mainstream or blockbusters in the United States since you may not have heard of them.  And, some of them may be a little scandalous depending on your sensitivities!!!!  🙂

Before I get to my Top Ten, here are ten others that barely missed out!


The Descendants


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel




The Ides of March


The Skin I Live In

#15 Movie


#14 Movie

The Men Next Door


Worldwide Box Office:  $22.8 million

#12 Movie

Worldwide Box Office:  $247.9 million

#11 Movie

Worldwide Box Office:  $56.4 million


Worldwide Box Office:  $28.3 million

Worldwide Box Office:  —

Worldwide Box Office:  $1.1 million

Worldwide Box Office:  $295.1 million

Worldwide Box Office:  $159.8 million

Worldwide Box Office:  $116.7 million

Worldwide Box Office:  $151.1 million

Worldwide Box Office:  $6 million

Worldwide Box Office:  $114.9 million

Worldwide Box Office:  $1 million


There you have it — my favorite movies.  What are your favorites movies you saw in 2012?


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my friends.  I wish you the very best today and every day.  If I wanted to try to save the USPS all by myself, I would have asked for your address and sent you my Christmas card and letter this year.  But, that would have cost about $1,089 in postage and another $1,044 in cards.  So, I’m doing it this way.  🙂


(Click on the picture to see more detail!)

ABBA Christmas Card 001

“Everything will be alright in the end, so if it’s not alright, it is not yet the end”.

Hello friends!  As you know, I always close my Christmas letter with the same quote I’ve been using for more than 2o years.  But, this year, I’m starting my letter with my new philosophy for 2013 from the movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.

This is my favorite time of the year.  I love when neighborhoods glow and sparkle from Christmas lights and holiday music soothes your soul.  I also take extra time to reflect on my life and realize, that even with setbacks, how blessed I am.

Last Christmas, I told you that Miss ABBA was diagnosed with cancer in March 2011 and she was given two to three months to live.  By God’s will, spring turned into summer and summer into fall and before you knew it, winter was here.

Miss ABBA was happy and healthy until February 2nd.  The following day, she went to “puppy heaven”, about three months shy of her 12th birthday.  It was so hard to say goodbye to my best friend that traveled the country (and Canada) with me from Ohio to Chicago to Maryland to the Quad Cities.  We had the best time in life and I carry her memories around in my heart every day.  It’s been almost ten months since she left us, but it feels like years.  I hope you enjoy the Christmas card of all twelve of Miss ABBA’s Christmases.

And, on Halloween, after almost seven years, the station I worked at as a meteorologist informed me that my contract would not be renewed.  While saddened, it wasn’t a total shock.  I’ll take the rest of this year off and face the future in January.

Life at home is wonderful.  I love my beautiful family and I love having my sister here in the Quad Cities.  Ray is still the Planning and Development Director for the City of Moline.  Gretel is now in the sixth grade, which is junior high at her school.  And, Tammy is still working as a server at Ryan’s here in Moline.

Earlier in the year, Ray, Gretel, and I spent a week at Ray’s parent’s house on Spirit Lake in Iowa.  I went fishing for the first time in about 30 years.  However, it was strange not having Miss ABBA there to go swimming.

This fall, I accompanied Ray to a conference in Houston, Texas, and in October, we went to Las Vegas for my birthday to see Madonna for the third time.  As always, she was amazing.  While there, we also got to see Elton John in concert and that man still has it.  He was incredible.

In the Quad Cities, we also saw The Band Perry and Pam Tillis in concert and we got to meet both acts backstage.  Coming up, in late January 2013, Ray and I are heading back to Las Vegas to see Lady Gaga in concert for the third time.

The big news this Christmas is that we, along with Tammy and Betty (Mom), are taking a Western Caribbean Cruise.  We’ll fly to New Orleans on December 19th to see the city decorated for the holidays and let Gretel enjoy gumbo and have real beignets.

The cruise, from December 20-24, is mostly out at sea.  When we told Gretel about the cruise, her first question was “Will we hit an iceberg?”  I replied that there are no icebergs in the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean.

She then asked, “Will a shark bite a hole in the bottom of the boat”?  I don’t think she understands that this “boat” is 855 feet long with a width of 118 feet and that it holds close to 3,000 people. J  This trip is going to be so much fun!!

That is what’s going on with us here in the Midwest.  I wish you the very best this holiday season and in the new year.

 “May hope and faith conquer fear and hate this Christmas”


My Eva Peron Moment (For A Few Days)

As I sit here in the lobby of our hotel in New Orleans while the others are upstairs sleeping, I’m checking out the weather back home.  What an interesting weather night you all experienced — more than an inch of rain Moline, Illinois, and more than 10″ of snow in parts of Dubuque County with most of that falling since midnight.

Blizzard Warning

I’m still expecting the 4-8″ of snow in the Quad Cities today and off to the northwest where the heavy snow has already fallen, some of those hometowns will approach 12-16″!


Here is another map from my friends at the Quad Cities’ National Weather Service office that shows what I’ve been talking about the past few days.  Falling temperatures, howling winds of 50 miles-per-hour at times, and heavy snow is expected today, even where it hasn’t snowed.  Be careful.

Yesterday, when we arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, it was 75 degrees!  What a pleasant afternoon and evening to walk around check out the French Quarter and have coffee and beignets with my friends, Crystal and Ants.

As you enjoy a few pictures from yesterday, I’m going to have my Eva Peron moment from “Evita”.  I know I’m not a powerful iconic woman from Argentina, but I’m borrowing a few lines from “Eva’s Final Broadcast”.  The reason — I won’t be online to communicate with you again until Christmas Day.  Again, this is a joke and not an act of  egotistic behavior or grandeur!  🙂

Eva Peron

“Don’t cry for me Argentina/The truth is I shall not leave you/Though it may get harder for you to see me
I’m Argentina, and always will be/Have I said too much?/There’s nothing more I can think of to say to you
But all you have to do is look at me to know/That every word is true”.


Take care everyone and be safe in the winter storm and blizzard.

I’ll be back Christmas Day!


My Favorite (And Least Favorite) Christmases

I’m taking time today to reflect back on my favorite Christmases.  If you still believe (and you know what I mean), stop reading now!  I’ll even put a picture of what I’m talking about so you don’t accidentally read something you shouldn’t!


Before I get into my favorite Christmases, I can definitely tell you that two of my three least favorites ones were Christmas 1990 (my mother died that November) and Christmas 1993 (following the death of my grandmother, Helen, also in November).


I was forced out of her house where I was living while assisting Helen (pictured) as she aged.  While it was pretty bleak being forced to find a place to live and move out and not have a chance to grieve her death, the silver lining is that it gave the opportunity the following summer to move to Chicago and to begin the next phase of my adult life!  My only regret is that I didn’t keep that aluminum Christmas tree!

And, since you’re still reading, my other least favorite Christmas was the one, as a kid, when I discovered that Santa wasn’t really the one that brought us presents.

My father was drunk, as usual, and we were getting ready to go to Aunt Norma’s for our annual Christmas Eve tradition.  For some reason, my sister and I were not allowed to go into my bedroom once we had gone out to play that day.

Before we left to go to my aunt’s house, I got mad at either Tammy or my mother and went storming into my bedroom.  And, there they sat!  All of our presents from “Santa” on Christmas Eve in the afternoon!  I’m surprised that I ever got anything else from my mother.  She was furious with me!  ‘Tis the season!  Luckily, for me, the spirit of Christmas didn’t end that day.

As a child, the first toy that I can remember asking for and getting was a red cash register like this one.

Cash Register

I’m sure playing with money as a youngster helped me excel in math and money management today!

My favorite Christmas present growing up was a Panasonic tape recorder that I got in 1976.

Panasonic Tape Recorder

I spent hours listening to the radio recording songs, making montages, and I remembering making a “Hurricane Allen” tape as the storm hit Texas in 1980.

The first song I ever recorded was “You Don’t Have To Be A Star (To Be In My Show)”, which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it won a Grammy for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.

record player

My other favorite Christmas gift growing up was a record player that I had to share with my sister.  I used to have an awesome album and dance single collection.  When I moved to Chicago in 1994, my friend, Dennis, kept them for me.  Unfortunately, without asking me, he gave them, along with my two turntables and mixer, away years later.  I really wish he had told me he wanted me to come get them!

Nevertheless, I think I want a turntable for Christmas this year.  For some reason, I want to go to the resale shops and buy some of my favorite albums again and listen to the crackle of vinyl.  And, vinyl is making a comeback!

Those were my favorite Christmas gifts growing up.  While I appreciate the things that Gretel makes for us, Ray and I don’t go overboard with gifts because we’re not materialistic and neither of us need anything.  This year, our cruise is the Christmas gift for us, Gretel, Tammy, and Betty.  We’ll have a few small gifts to open when we get back home.

Now, I want to share some of my favorite memories (through pictures) from Christmases past.


The last Christmas with my mother (pictured with my cousin, Steve).

Dessie Christmas 1989 Anthony Graduation Picture


My first Christmas with Betty (Mom).

Betty 1995


Miss ABBA’s first Christmas — she was 7 months old.

ABBA's First Christmas 2000


After meeting the Easter Bunny in the spring, Miss ABBA got to meet Old St. Nick that holiday season!

ABBA Santa Christmas 2001


ABBA in the Manger Christmas 2006


Miss ABBA says, “Don’t worry.  He’s cool.  We go way back!”

ABBA Panda Christmas 2008 001


This was our first Christmas together as a family.  While Miss ABBA and I always enjoyed the holiday seasons, having two more loving people to share our lives with made it more magical.  It was so incredible getting a hand-made present from my little girl, Gretel, for the first time.  And, Christopher, Panda, and Mom visited that Christmas.

2009 Family ChristmasMacy's Christmas 20092009 Gretel Art WorkABBA Gretel Christmas 2009ABBA Christmas 2009Christopher Panda Betty Christmas 2009


Miss ABBA allowed us all to hang out with her old buddy, Santa.  We also spent part of the holidays at/on frozen Spirit Lake, Iowa, with Ray’s family and then we drove to Nashville, Tennessee, to see Tammy at the beautiful Opryland Hotel.

Family Spirit Lake 2010Nashville Christmas 2010 Family and TammyChristmas Santa Family 2010

And, I’m not sure whose present it was, but Miss ABBA was definitely wanting something here whether it was hers or not!   From the look on Gretel’s face and her holding Miss ABBA back, I’d say it was Gretel’s!  This one cracks me up. 🙂

Ray ABBA Gretel Christmas 2010


Tammy’s first Christmas with us in the Quad Cities and sadly, Miss ABBA’s last Christmas.  We’re very fortunate that she was happy and healthy and thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas feast and opening her own presents like in the past.

Tammy Christmas 2011ABBA Stocking Christmas 2011ABBA Christmas 2011ABBA Treats From Sue


O Christmas Tree 2012

Merry Christmas!



Winter Storm On The Way

UPDATE:  Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 6:38 a.m.

Good Wednesday morning, my friends.  Here is a quick update on the winter storm and blizzard that will be coming into eastern Iowa this evening, tonight, and Thursday, and in northern and west-central Illinois early Thursday morning and Thursday.

Check out this updated winter weather warning map!

Wednesday Update

The red indicates a “BLIZZARD WARNING” that extends westward back into central and western Iowa!  That goes into effect from 6 p.m. Wednesday through 6 p.m. Thursday.  A rain/snow mix will develop there Wednesday evening and transition into heavy wind-driven snow tonight and Thursday.  New updated forecast totals in the “Blizzard Warning” area will easily reach 8-14″, with isolated higher totals with thundersnow.  In addition to the heavy snow, winds approaching 50 miles-per-hour will make travel life-threatening.

The pinkish-fucia color along the Mississippi River, which includes the Quad Cities, is a “WINTER STORM WARNING”.  That goes into effect at daybreak Thursday through Thursday evening.

It now looks like hometowns from Keokuk and Burlington, Iowa, to the Quad Cities, to Monmouth, Galesburg, Princeton, to Rockford, Illinois, will see rain develop Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night.  As temperatures drop to near freezing after midnight, the rain will become mixed with snow and change over to all snow by early Thursday morning.  Thursday is when this area will see most of its accumulating snow.

This is the forecast map for noon Thursday.  The dark green indicates all of the heavy snow.


4-8″ of snow are still likely in the Quad Cities, but when all is said and done, it may be on the lower side of that range the longer the transition from rain to snow takes.  The same can be said for Burlington, Keokuk, and Princeton.

Southeast of the Quad Cities, around Galesburg, that rain to snow transition will likely not take place until Thursday, thus cutting your snow totals back to 1-4″.

As I stressed last night, most of Wednesday will be quiet.  Once evening arrives, the bad weather comes with it, beginning in eastern Iowa.

I cannot stress enough that this will not be just a typical snowstorm.  Winds of 50 miles-per-hour are possible and the blizzard conditions will catch many by surprise.  And, with this winter being so quiet for so long, this first blast of snow is going to be very dangerous.

Be careful out there Wednesday night and Thursday.  I want you around to talk to when I return back to the Quad Cities!


ORIGINAL POST:  Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 4:31 p.m.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re concerned with the snow coming in Wednesday night and Thursday.  Snow won’t be the only problem with this incoming storm.  Wind will be blowing the snow around reducing visibilities to near zero causing blizzard conditions.  Interesting that we go so long without snow and then we get blasted by “Old Man Winter”!

Here is the latest watches and warnings that have been posted by the Quad Cities’ National Weather Service office.

Winter Storm

The pink area is a “Winter Storm Warning” and this is where the heaviest snow will fall and the blue is a “Winter Storm Watch”.  These watches, warnings, and advisories go in effect Wednesday evening through Thursday afternoon.

This is midday satellite Tuesday.  Our storm is still on the west coast.

Tuesday Midday Satellite

A rain/snow mix will begin late Wednesday afternoon or early evening.  This will change to all snow, heavy at times, to the west of the Quad Cities Wednesday evening. The rain will become mixed with snow and then change over to all snow late Wednesday night or Thursday morning along and to the east of the Mississippi River.

Here is the forecast map for 6 a.m. Thursday.


Notice the really dark green to the west of the Quad Cities and on this map, six hours later at noon Thursday.


That and the blue indicates very heavy snow and that is where the “Winter Storm Warning” will be in effect. Those hometowns from around Galena, Illinois, and Dubuque, Iowa, back to Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo, could easily see 8-12″ with isolated higher totals!!!

In the Quad Cities to Rockford and Princeton, Illinois, 4-8″ are likely.  To the southeast of the metro area from around Burlington, Iowa, to Monmouth and Galesburg, Illinois, 2-4″ are possible.

Since I’m sitting in the backseat of car writing this, I can’t make a map with snow forecast totals, but I gave you some cities for reference points. 🙂

I expect that a “Blizzard Warning”will be issued for much of Iowa Thursday.

Here is one thing you have to keep in mind.  Our storm is still on the west coast.  As it moves into the Plains Wednesday and to the Great Lakes Thursday evening, any shift in the storm’s path will alter snow totals.

If it tracks more to the north, the changeover from a mix to snow east of the Mississippi River will take longer and less snow will fall.  If it tracks more to the south, hometowns along the River could pick up more than 8” of snow.

And, this is 6 p.m. Thursday.


All of those tightly packed lines around that low pressure system means there will be a lot of wind with this storm.  Blizzard  or blizzard-like conditions will make it very dangerous Thursday.

Let’s assume that we get at least 0.1″ of snow at the airport in Moline, Illinois, Wednesday evening, that will mark the 6th latest first accumulating snow in the Quad Cities, tied with December 19, 2001, and December 19, 1960.

If it’s the early morning hours of 12/20/2012, that would be the 5th latest start, tied with 1905.  The latest first accumulating snow of the season was on January 7, 1940.

I’ll try to update you one more time Wednesday morning.