We’re Having a Great Weekend! How About You?

Snow birds, can you believe that we’ve gone 279 days (March 4-December 8, 2012) with no measurable snow in the Quad Cities?

While some flurries are possible this evening and tonight in the metro area, it’s been snowing since around midnight in Dubuque, Iowa, and around an inch of snow has already accumulated there Sunday morning.


Any sticking snow will be confined to northeastern Iowa and far northern Illinois (Jo Daviess and Stephenson counties) this morning!

What do you have planned today and how is your weekend going?

Friday night, we went to dinner in Monmouth, Illinois, about an hour south of the Quad Cities.  My friend, Megan, made dinner for us and a couple of their friends.  Chase, Megan, and Wayne (pictured, left to right), we had a wonderful time.


Megan made an a very tasty cheese ball for an appetizer and lasagna for dinner.  And, we had pecan and apple pie for dessert.  While the adults talked, Gretel, Chase, and Destiny played dominoes and then the Wii.  It was some dance game and that definitely wasn’t my thing.  I performed poorly on the three songs I did (“Monster Mash, Britney, and Madonna)!  It’s so much easier on the dance floor when you’re intoxicated and not having to do choreography. 🙂


Megan, thank you for the photo.  Your tree is beautiful.

Yesterday, Gretel and her two friends, Lena and Grace, made a Halloween gingerbread house.


While it turned out okay, the only edible part was the orange, powdered sugar icing.  To be honest, I think the “cookie” was from last Halloween.  Needless to say, one bite told us to throw it away. 🙂  We still have a Christmas one to do!  I hope it’s better.

Today, we’re going to have a family day with holiday movies and Gretel wants to do chocolate fondue.  That sounds good with a nice, roaring fire and some light snow.  Let it snow, a little.

What about snow in the future?

After a very cold Monday with highs only in the 20s, temperatures moderate throughout the week back into the 40s by midweek.

Next weekend looks a little interesting.   However, keep in mind that’s still a week away.   A low pressure system will be moving through the Midwest.  As you know, if that low tracks north of the Quad Cities, we get a cold rain with maybe a few flurries on the back side.  If it tracks south of us, cold air spills in and we could be looking an accumulating snow.

Here is the forecast map for next Saturday morning, December 15th, at 6 a.m.

Saturday 1215 6AM

As you can see here, we’re on the warm side with the low tracking mainly to the northwest of the Quad Cities.  That would mean a rainy Friday night and Saturday.  And, then, by Saturday night, colder air coming in could change any leftover rain to light snow.  However, the track of that storm could change many times between now and next weekend.  As always, and without pay, I’ll update you as needed. 🙂

Have a great rest of the weekend.



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