This “Warrior” Comes With A Parental Advisory

I’m getting ready to share something with you that has some inappropriate language.  So I’m adding a couple of lines so it doesn’t automatically show up as the tease of my blog on Facebook.  That way, people who don’t want to read something with the b-word and the f-bomb won’t be bombarded with it!


Kesha Sebert has something to say and while it wasn’t directly written with me in mind, it fits:  “I see ya in the club/showin’ Ke$ha love/Trippin’ on them bitches that be hatin’….Ya’ll hatin’ is useless/It’s such a nuisance/Ya’ll chickens keep your two cents.”  If that didn’t get the message across, this does:  “Your home girl hatin’, I say who she?  Ke$ha don’t give two f*cks.”

And, those lyrics from “Crazy Kids”, the fifth track from Ke$ha’s second full-length album, “Warrior”, (she’s also released two extended play albums and one remix album), sums up how the artist with that added a dollar sign to her stage name as joke feels about naysayers.

I’ve definitely been one of those people and I’m also very happy to report that I’m a convert!  I’m one of Ke$ha’s “Animals”, her equivalent to Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters”.


Since getting “Warrior” last month, I can’t stop playing it and I’ll let you know why.  But, I still have some apologizing to do before I get there.

For the uninitiated, Ke$ha broke into the music scene in 2009 as a featured vocalist singing the hook from Dead Or Alive’s 1980s hit “You Spin Me Round” on Flo Rida’s multi-platinum #1 smash, “Right Round”.

Later that year, Ke$ha was front and center as she blasted onto the music scene with her #1 debut single, “Tik Tok”.  (The video have been viewed on YouTube more than 116 million  times!)

After that single hit the top spot on the charts and sold more than six million copies in America, three more singles from Ke$ha’s first album, “Animal”, hit the top ten:  “Blah Blah Blah” with 3OH!3 (#7), “Your Love Is My Drug” (#4), and “Take It Off” (#8).

The album, “Animal” topped the chart in January 2010 and the follow-up, the EP, “Cannibal”, was released just ten months later.  It generated the #1 hit, “We R Who We R” and the #7 smash, “Blow”.

Ke$ha has scored hits with other artists and anticipation was building for her second full length album, which was released last month.

Remember earlier when I said I had some apologizing to do, here it is.  While I’ve always enjoyed the music Ke$ha released to radio, it was clear from any “live” performance she did that the final product on radio albums were auto tuned to the point that you could hardly even hear the singer’s real voice.


And, her performances on television were uneven.  As I’ve blogged before, when she appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in the spring of 2010, one performance (pictured above) was very awkward and the other was fun and entertaining.


So, when she released “Die Young” this past fall and after seeing her November performance of it on the “American Music Awards” , my expectations were not high.  I definitely didn’t think of buying the album.  However, by December, I changed my mind after listening to some of the samples on

When the album arrived, I instantly fell in love with it and let me tell you that it definitely lives up to the “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” warning on the CD cover.  In just the first song on the album, the title track, when she sings of misfits and degenerates, there are three different cuss words.  Over the course of the album’s sixteen songs, there are many f-bombs and sex is a common theme.

The first single, “Die Young” has already topped the airplay charts in the United States and the follow-up, “C’Mon” is racing up the charts.  If this song doesn’t make you smile and want to move, you’re already dead!

If you’re already a fan of Ke$ha’s music and you like to dance, you’ll love a very Ace of Base sounding, “All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)”, “Out Alive”, “Wherever You Are”, “Last Goodbye”, and “Supernatural”.

Another surprise and fun song is “Only Want To Dance With You”.

“Wonderland”, a throwback to ’70s pop music really surprised me.  Ke$ha’s vocals and her heartfelt reminiscing of the past was very touching, especially for a woman who has sold her persona of being a party animal.  Remember, this is the same hell raiser that claims to have vomited in Paris Hilton’s closet and bribed Prince’s gardener to let her crawl under the gate to his mansion to drop off a demo tape.  This song really sells her talent.

As I was making my decision to order the album, one song that I thought would get one or two listens and then I’d skip it was “Dirty Love”, a duet with punk rock legend Iggy Pop.  However, I don’t skip it and its rather enjoyable in a crazy way.  Really, I mean how can you not listen to Iggy Pop sing, “Cockroaches do it, In garbage cans/Rug merchants do it, In Afghanistan/Santorum did it, In a V-neck sweater” and not smile. 🙂

Iggy Pop Kesha

This is not an album that you’d want to buy your ten-year-old, but that’s why there’s a “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” label on the cover.  One or two songs that I haven’t mentioned yet would definitely push the album from a strong “R” to possibly “NC-17” territory if this had been a movie.

There’s no doubt that Ke$ha loves sex and she loves talking about it.  Clearly, some hot, exciting things have happened in a “Gold Trans Am” (a deluxe edition track) or, at least, in Ke$ha’s fantasy, with these lyrics, “Pull over sucker, now spread ‘em/Lemme see what you’re packin’ inside that denim.”

But, the song that really makes me admire Ke$ha is “Thinking of You”.  For a woman (or gay man), it’s that perfect kiss off song to every man who’s ever done a woman (or gay man) wrong when he cheated or acted like a male chauvinistic jerk demanding “favors”.


In the song, Ke$ha is now a star telling him, “But now my song’s on the radio/And you see my face everywhere you go/I thought I’d call just to let you know/I’ve been thinking of you.”

While that sounds innocent enough, right before that, she sings, “I know I said I wouldn’t talk about you publicly but/That was before I caught you lying and cheating on me, slut/I was down for you hardcore/While you were out trying to score/Found out you’re full of it/I’m over it so s**k my d***.”  Yes, the song is very obscene, but so liberating.

And, her final two spoken words in the song, “teenie weenie” are brilliant! 🙂

Ke$ha in Maxim

“Warrior” by Ke$ha is not for everyone.  At times, it’s crude, rude, and obscene.  But, for much of that time, it’s also fun, exciting, and makes you feel young again.  It’ll make you want to party, regardless of your age.

Ke$ha, I hope you accept my apology for doubting you early in your career.  Count me in as one of your “Animals”!  And, you can hold my liking champagne against me because I know how you feel about bubbly in “Dirty Love”!



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