Look For The Silver Lining & Not The Cloud

This blog is not about weather.  However, I’m going to quickly mention it.  From a statistical standpoint, the middle of January is the coldest part of the winter.

Frosty Cold

This time of the year, you probably notice some people are more depressed.  It may have nothing to do with boyfriends or girlfriends, their life or lack of a life, or their financial situation.  Those people could not only be sad, but they could be suffering from “seasonal affective disorder”, or SAD.

Here’s what the Mayo Clinic says about it:  “a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year. If you’re like most people with seasonal affective disorder, your symptoms start in the fall and may continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody. Less often, seasonal affective disorder causes depression in the spring or early summer.”

Those people are excluded from what I’m talking about today.

Positive Thinking

I consider myself an “optimist”.  I always try to think that the best things will happen for me, my loved ones, and for mankind.  With that being said, I really consider myself a “realist”.  And, not only do I try to live my life that way, I’ll always tell you the way it is.  I’ve made people cry before and then I feel guilty.  Yes, I’ve made people cry!  I confess.

And, I shed tears, too.  Back at Murray State University, as a 20-year-old, I remember crying to “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon, and pining for a boy who out of my reach and wondering if I would ever find someone “like me”.  I can listen to that song now without being sad, but I still think back to those days in the mid-1980s.

I cried when my mother died 22 years ago and I remember the very dark years that followed.  The loss of my mother, turning down my first career job to move home, being single, and battling bulimia were great burdens and allowed little happiness in my life.

That was then and this is now.  That is why I’d never want to be in my 20s again and I sympathize with those trying to find themselves in their 20s.  I love my 40s and I can’t wait to see what my 50s bring in a couple of years.  Don’t do the math!   Use the brain cells for something else. 🙂

Cozumel December 22

This is a picture I took December 22, 2012, somewhere out in the western Caribbean after we left Cozumel and were cruising slowly back to reality.

When I see this, as I do in life, I see the sun breaking through the clouds.  Many people only see the clouds.  And, when you’re part of a mammoth social network like Facebook, you see “the clouds” a lot more in people’s posts.

I never want to paint it that my life is perfect.  It isn’t, but it’s mine.  I get agitated. I get bored.  And, that boredom, especially since I haven’t been working, leads to thinking — which sometimes makes me sad.


Additionally, it’s closing in on a year now since Miss ABBA crossed the “rainbow bridge” and left us.  I think of her a thousand times a day.  But, I don’t cry anymore about her.  I smile now thinking of that goofy golden.  I think of all of the wonderful days we had together.

When she first died, I thought about the times I had scolded her when she was bad.  And, it took me months to know that she needed to be disciplined at the time.  I don’t dwell on those times anymore.  I only think of the wonderful times we shared because that was our life.

Looking Ahead

I took this majestic picture on Spirit Lake two years ago.  Looking out over this frozen tundra made me realize that life is too short to dwell on all of the negatives in our life.  We all have them.  I have friends that are struggling to pay rent, feed their families, make utility payments, and I have some friends that would rather just be negative about any situation.

Tomorrow, I’m making a quick trip to Chicago to help an old friend that has destroyed their life by making a stupid decision two years ago.  This has resulted in losing their job and career, losing touch with their family, several run-ins with the Chicago Police Department, and now, financial ruin and depression.

I know going there tomorrow will not change anything for my friend.  My friend has to take responsibility.  No one else can do that for them.  When something bad happens to good people, it takes more energy to fight back than to accept defeat. I never want to know that I didn’t give it my all in life.  And, that’s why I’ll always smile through the tears.

I hope this quick trip to Chicago gives my friend the courage, the conviction, and the strength to fight.  If you’re in this situation, I hope you find that same courage, conviction, and strength.

As for me, I miss television and I miss forecasting weather.  It was so much fun to fill in for my old friend, Neil Kastor, and do radio weather the past three days for WSDR in Sterling, Illinois.  While I’m still angry at WQAD for their decision not to renew my contract, I know that something good is coming my way this spring.  I’ll wait out the storm and I’ll keep my positive attitude.

When it happens, you can call me Stefano DiMera, of “Days of Our Lives”.  That man has been killed off so many times and like the Phoenix, he rises from the flames.

ABBA December 2010

I want to live my life and I want my friends to live their lives like Miss ABBA.  This picture was taken three months before she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  When she was given two to three months to live, we had the best two to three months living life to the fullest.  Those three months turned into ten months and she never wavered one day with sadness or sickness until the day before she died.

Miss ABBA, you’re my inspiration.

And, I hope I can relay that inspiration to the people I care about the most.  Smile, my friends, and look for the silver lining.  We only live once.


20 responses to this post.

  1. lovely post… and man i feel for you… or with you… i had to give my golden – that had joined me for 2 years everyday – into a home, because of moving country and job… and even thinking about him now, drives tears into my eyes… so i know how you feel…


  2. Wonderful post Anthony..thank you..



  3. Posted by Olivia on January 17, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Hey Anthony! I thank you for the reminder of always looking on the bright side. I tend to not do that a lot and I need to be reminded of what I do have to be thankful for. My new phrase when things are tough is “This is only for a season.”


  4. Posted by Cinchy on January 17, 2013 at 8:25 am

    I love that you are you ……..really enjoyed today’s blog.


  5. Posted by Margie on January 17, 2013 at 9:06 am

    I love this blog, it is you through and through. I think of Dear Sweet Miss Abba many times a day. I see goldens all the time, and it always makes me think of her and you. This blog represents the man that you are, so genuine. I miss seeing you on the TV, but I know that there is something out there for you that is far better then what you had. I Love that you are who you are!



    • Margie,

      Thank you very much for the kind words.

      I, too, think of Miss ABBA when I see and play with goldens. And, that’s a great thing.

      Hopefully, one day, I’ll be back on TV! Thank you for your confidence.

      Take care,


  6. I think this might have been my favorite blog yet. Wonderful words of advice, and, to paraphrase Cinchy, You being You. 🙂


  7. Posted by Deb Griffin Senko on January 17, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Anthony you had me crying and then at the end laughing so hard I thought I was going to split a gut! Good old Stefano DeMira. Love your blogs. I miss you too on the weather. Everyday when I am watching the weather I think of you and how you made my mornings. So good luck in whatever happens in this glorious spring. Keep the chin up we are all pulling for you! your friend. Deb


    • Deb,

      Thank you for the kind words. Serious messages can also be infused with humor. That’s how I roll. 🙂

      I miss doing weather, too, and I hope to make a return one day soon!

      Have a great weekend.



  8. Anthony,

    Such an uplifting, powerful and sensitive post about staying positive and keeping a good attitude during those difficult times in life. Our thoughts shape our life, and when we choose to live a life based on a foundation of positive thinking and attitudes, we live a victorious one.

    Hope your visit to Chicago was good and that your friend will benefit from your wise counsel.

    I am confident that you will find a job in your field of weather/tv soon and that you will one day feel that leaving Channel 8 was simply one door closing so that you could enter a new door that offered personal satisfaction, career advancement and joy.

    Love being able to keep up on you via Facebook and your Blog. Take care friend.



    • Michelle,

      I truly appreciate your kind words and the compliments. You are fantastic writer and communicator and I love checking out your work, too.

      I like your attitude and I know one day soon, something great will come along. I’ve always believed that when one door closes, another opens.

      Take care, my friend.



  9. Posted by ladonna on January 17, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    My Friend, you have learned the key to live. A life well lived is the best revenge and the best medicine. May you have more days of sunshine than rain in your future.



  10. Posted by Roxie on January 20, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    This was beautiful Anthony. Looking for the silver lining is definitely the way to live. Think of you often, we have, along with others we know, changed channels. Wherever you go – they will be very lucky to have you, you have so much to offer beyond weather. Hope we will be able to follow you there. My best to you and your family,


    • Roxie,

      Thank you very much.

      I will definitely let you know where I end up! I hope it’s soon!

      I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy 2013!



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