Ice Storm Possible Sunday!


Friends, be careful! We’re under a “Freezing Rain Advisory”. The icing is happening now. Watch your thermometer or the temperature and remember that although it’s 27-32 degrees now that it will climb above freezing this afternoon and tonight.  However, surfaces are a few degrees colder.  So, the ice will be slower to melt. Slow down today or stay inside!



“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” may be a cool motto, but it’s not necessarily true.  Granted, I may not tell you everything that we witness here, there are a couple of things I will share with you.

Remember Thursday when we arrived and I said it was raining.  The disturbance that caused that rain here will be bringing rain to Illinois and Iowa Sunday.  And with the cold temperatures in place, this will be a wintry mix that could bring a coating of ice to the Mississippi and Illinois Valleys Sunday!

The National Weather Service office in the Quad Cities has issued a “Winter Storm Watch” for Sunday morning through Sunday night for the counties shaded in blue, which is all of eastern Iowa and northern Illinois.  If you’re traveling to Chicago, they are included in this, too.  Where you see the purple, that is a “Freezing Rain Advisory” for the Galesburg area.

A nice day is on tap today with sunshine and highs in the 20s to near 30 degrees.  Tonight, clouds take over and lows drop into the low-to-mid-20s.,

By 6 a.m. Sunday, moisture will moving into our area.  With warmer air aloft from the Plains storm, this means there will be sleet and rain developing Sunday morning.  The sleet shouldn’t be a problem because with warmer air in the clouds, most of what falls will melt right above the surface and be liquid when it falls to the ground.  However, since surface temperatures will be cold, in the 20s, it will freeze on contact giving us ice.

While all of eastern Iowa and northern Illinois will see a coating of ice, the worst of it will be north of the Quad Cities since temperatures will remain colder there longer.  (The areas shaded in blue and red on the map below will see the best chance of an ice storm and the heaviest accumulation!)

Here’s the bottom line:  this could be a dangerous winter storm with the ice.  Today, I would prepare for this.

However, this is not set in stone.  Since temperatures will be in the 30s Sunday, the difference of 30 degrees and 35 degrees when the heaviest rain/freezing rain starts falling will be the difference between a large accumulation of ice that could bring down tree limbs and power lines (30 degrees) and just a cold, rainy day with just a little ice (mid-30 highs).

If anything major changes one way or the other, I’ll let you know.  Now, I’m ready to start my day in Vegas.

One last thing, it started raining last night here during the Lady Gaga concert and it’s still raining this morning.  This storm will be in the Quad Cities Monday night and Tuesday (yes, I’m bringing it home with me), but the good news is that it’ll be much warmer (maybe close to 50 degrees Tuesday), so it will all be in the form of rain and not ice or snow.

Enjoy your weekend.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lori Maynard on January 26, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Thank you for taking the time to give us the weather. You will always be my favorite weather man! Now enjoy VEGAS…….


  2. You are the best weatherman around!!!!! Love you Anthony!!!!! Terry Moore, R.I., Il.


  3. Posted by Dorothy DeMay on January 26, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Peeps you are amazing! A weather man that takes care of his homies while he is on vacation is all too sweet! Love ya Peeps! I imagine you are prepared to stay longer b/c the flights will be cancelled to prevent your returning to the cold icy weather back here in Illinois.


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