A “Bully” That Everyone Needs To See

A nice day is expected today across the Mississippi Valley with temperatures approaching 40°.  A part of me wants to go outside and work in the yard.  Another part of me wants to go the casino and play a few slots to try to win tickets to the Maroon 5 concert on March 1st.  But, what will probably happen is that Ray and I will go buy some new white shirts for my new job and then continue to watch the second seasons of  “Six Feet Under” and “The X-Files”, or a movie.

We saw one on Valentine’s Day (far from a date movie) and it’s one that I wish EVERYONE would see.  Check it out if you’re looking for a rental.



This 2011 documentary that was just released on DVD is compelling and heartbreaking.  It focuses on bullying in American schools and on school buses that led two students, Tyler Long and Ty Smalley, to take their lives.

Tyler Long

Long, a 17-year-old from Murray County, Georgia, took his own life in October 2009 after strapping a belt around his neck and hanging himself from the top shelf in his bedroom closet.

Ty Smalley

And, 11-year-old Smalley, from Oklahoma, committed suicide in May 2010 after being suspended from his middle school for standing up to the kids that were bullying him.

The movie also covers bullying in schools in Texas, Mississippi, and Iowa.

While each story was touching, I felt so deeply for Alex, a student in Sioux City, Iowa, that was constantly being called “fish face” and other names, beaten on, and threatened every day at school on the bus and on the playground to the point where he was left unresponsive at home to even talk about the verbal and physical abuse.

Alex Bully

And, then to see how the school principal handled the situation was even more saddening.

When this movie was ready to hit theaters, it was given an “R”-rating, which would have kept many younger school kids, the group that needed to see the movie the most, from seeing it.  However, after Katy Butler, a young woman who had been bullied, started a change.org petition, the rating was changed to PG-13 for the movie.

“Bully” is not a happy 90-minute movie, but a compelling one that every person needs to see.  It’s not just kids that bully.  Many adults do it, too.


Remember, you’re not alone, whether you’re a kid or an adult feeling that you have nothing else to live for.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Diane Brown on February 17, 2013 at 8:47 am

    I have always said it is adult and young alike to stop all BULLING. We need to stand together as a whole to help all being bullied to STOP.


  2. Posted by Cinchy on February 18, 2013 at 8:19 am

    It is not just kids …… 😦


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