Random Friday Thoughts — March 1, 2013

Happy March 1st everyone!

Can you believe that winter is over???  What?  It’s still winter?  Okay, if you go by the calendar then it’s still winter.  And, if you look outside across the metro Quad Cities with 9″ of snow on the ground in Moline, Illinois, it’s still winter.



But, since today is the first day of March, we meteorologist call the months of March, April, and May, “meteorological spring” since we’re now past the three coldest months of the year (from a climatological standpoint).

However, winter is not done by a long shot.  The storm that moved in last Tuesday is still producing flurries and light snow Friday morning.  Officially, in the Quad Cities, 9.3″ of snow from that storm through 6 a.m. Friday!  Incredible, but not shocking to me since I called for 6-9″ of snow.  I will say, however, that I didn’t expect it to linger into Friday.

More snow is expected beginning late Sunday night, with a better chance on Monday and Tuesday! While there’s plenty of time to fine tune the forecast with specific amounts, a few inches are possible.

Here are two forecast maps from NOAA for 6 a.m. Monday.  The first is the NAM model showing a quicker arrival and departure and the second is the GFS with a slower arrival, but the snow lasts longer.  Remember, it’s still three days out and will change.


I’ll mention more about the snow this weekend.  And, with the snow arriving Monday, you can watch my latest forecast beginning Monday beginning at 5 a.m., on CBS4 in the Quad Cities, as I make my debut on “CBS4 This Morning in High Definition”!


Winter Go AwayAnimals Heaven


As you may recall, Ray and I celebrated our fourth anniversary last Friday.  We had lunch at Exotic Thai, where we went on our first date and I had the same thing, pumpkin curry and Ray had his usual, black pepper chicken.

That evening, I made us a Banana Split Martini with banana vodka, double chocolate vodka, and a splash of donut vodka (just because we had it), with diet 7-up and a little cranberry for color.  Ray’s reaction: “It tastes like a banana split!”

Anniversary LunchBanana Split Martini


Diet Plan

While that might work, we’re going to do it the old-fashioned way.

Last March we decided that we were going to start exercising daily, watch what we ate, and lose weight for Ray’s 30th high school reunion in Fort Dodge, Iowa, in August and for the Madonna concert and my birthday in Las Vegas in October.

The first picture was from Dubuque in March and the second picture is from August.

RayAnthonyDBQMarch 2012August 2012 Anthony Ray

While it was an uphill battle, we won!  While you can’t see our tummies in the pictures, you can tell we lost the “baby fat” in our faces.  Ray successfully lost 30 pounds and I lost 25, which was about how much weight we had gained since we met each other in February 2009!

Well, many holiday meals and many buffets later (in Vegas, the Quad Cities, Kansas City, etc.. and on the cruise), I’ve gained about 15 pounds back and Ray has gained about 20.

So, with spring and summer approaching, we’re going to start eating and living healthy again.  I need to have Wise Guys pizza buffet and Osaka one more time!  I’m kidding because I’ll still treat myself regardless of what health regiment I’m following.


Here’s what I learned from the April 2011 “Men’s Fitness” magazine that I’m reading (yes, I’m a little behind):

*A study in “Obesity” states that “drinking two eight-ounce glasses of water 30 minutes before meals caused participants to drop 44% more weight in 12 weeks’ time than dieting alone”.  That helps you consume about 75 to 90 calories less per meal and it keeps you hydrated and increases metabolism.

*The average man in the U.S. has a body fat of  22% while American speedskater Apolo Ohno has a body fat of 2.8%!


*And, four pointers in choosing healthy snacks to lose weight:  The fewer the ingredients the better, avoid sugars (even honey, agave, or rice syrup), go low on sodium, and eat more protein and fiber.

*Finally, a Panera Bread pumpkin muffin has 580 calories compared to 540 in a McDonald’s Big Mac!


I posted this beautiful sunset picture on March 2, 2012.

March 2, 2012

And, that night, I was the emcee for a fundraiser for the Quad Cities Pride committee and you can see that Gretel had a blast!

Gretel QC Pride Fundraiser 3-2-12


Singer Jermaine Stewart was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1957 and his family moved to Chicago in 1972.  He became a regular dancer on “Soul Train”, which was filmed in Chicago.  He moved to Los Angeles with fellow Chicagoans Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniel and just missed out on becoming the lead singer of Shalamar, a dance and R&B band.

Stewart met Mikey Craig of Culture Club and sang back-up on the demo for “Miss Me Blind” and he was signed to Arista Records.  His first single, “The Word Is Out” just missed the Billboard Top 40 in 1983, peaking at #41.

However, Stewart hit it big in 1986 when “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” reached #5 on the Hot 100.  The follow-up single about his friend, Jody Watley of Shalamar and “Looking For A New Love” fame, “Jody”, went as high as #42 on the Hot 100, but it reached the top twenty on the R & B chart.

Stewart would have one more top 40 hit in 1987 with “Say It Again” (#27).

He died at the age of 39 in 1997 of AIDS-related liver cancer.


So far, I have a pretty good track record on picking future hits.  This one is risky.

It’s from 23-year-old German-Russian electronic dance music producer Zedd, who’s talented and adorable.


While he’s young and has never had a radio hit in America, he’s remixed songs for Lady Gaga (“Born This Way” and “Marry The Night”) and he opened for Mother Monster on some dates of the “Born This Way Ball” Tour.


His debut album, “Clarity”, was released in the United States last October.  All three songs released from the album have made it into the Top Five on the Billboard Dance chart (#4 “Shave It”, #1 “Spectrum” featuring Matthew Koma”, and his recent #1, “Clarity”).

“Clarity”, featuring Foxes, is my pick hit of the week.  With EDM producers/musicians like Calvin Harris and David Guetta burning up the Top 40 charts with their hits, I hope radio gives “Clarity” a chance.

Are you listening Red Hot Brian Scott & Cody Tucker from B100 in the Quad Cities? 🙂


As expected, I did poorly at picking the winners for this year’s Oscars.  However, I did pick “Argo” to win Best Picture.  I also picked Daniel Day-Lewis to win Best Actor and Anne Hathaway to win Best Supporting Actress, but who didn’t pick those two?  Beyond that, I didn’t pick too many winners correctly!

I’ll be renting many movies in March and April.  “The Sessions”, “The Master”, “Skyfall”, “Life of Pi”, “Silver Linings Playbook”, “Amour”, and “Django Unchained” are all out or are expected on DVD in the next month or two.


Today is my last day of training at my new station.  I’m excited to get back on the air Monday.  Ray’s been in Washington D.C. the past couple of days and he gets home tonight.  So, I’m looking forward to our weekend before I have to get up at 1 a.m. Monday!!!  Have a great weekend!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Anthony, a belated anniversary wish. How did I miss that?!! Oh it’s called life..lol..sounds like a happy and tasty celebration! Best of luck at your new station, I am sure most of the Quad Cities and surrounding areas are anxiously awaiting your new morning gig! Give ’em heck!


  2. Posted by Mikey99 on March 1, 2013 at 11:23 am

    Peeps, it’s nice to know you’re getting back in the groove (working). I’m sure you will do an awesome job. BTW, I loved the Jermaine Stewart video!


  3. Posted by DJ on March 1, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    Peeps, where to start?! So glad you’re back in action! Love the new ( new to me ) blog! Happy Anniversary! Yea, meteorological Spring! Have a great weekend, friend!



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