Glad I’m Not In Cancun Yet… Well, Sorta

My work day is almost over for today and I have eight hours to go tomorrow before I head to the sunny beaches of Cancun, Mexico Saturday.

Wait, did I say “sunny” beaches?  Okay, that’s the travel industry description because it’s a different story there today.

Webcam Cancun

That’s a webcam shot of Cancun Thursday morning as the Yucatan Peninsula waits for a disorganized tropical system to move through today and tomorrow on its way to the Gulf of Mexico bringing heavy rain and wind.


Notice that cluster of yellows, reds, and dark purples toward the left side of that satellite photo.  That’s the Yucatan Peninsula where Cancun is located.

All week, I’ve been watching the National Hurricane Center’s forecast with the possibility of a tropical system developing increasing.  Would that cluster become Tropical Storm Erin?

It didn’t because Erin developed around the Cape Verde Islands, just off the western coast of Africa.

While it’ll be a stormy day around Cancun today (and possibly tomorrow), the chances of it becoming a named storm is not likely before it makes landfall in that part of Mexico.

Cancun Close-Up

However, it has a decent chance to become Tropical Storm Fernand over the Gulf of Mexico over the next five days.

By that time, I should be safely in Cancun.


P.S.  I have to admit that, as a meteorologist, the thought of a minor tropical system passing over the Yucatan Peninsula while on I’m vacation would be a little exciting!

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