Our Day in Zurich, Switzerland

The first stop on our European vacation, roughly 24 hours in Zurich, the capital of Switzerland, is about over.

Once we got out of the airport and made our way by train to our hotel in the “Old Town” part of the city, we had to walk around and explore until our room was ready three hours later.

It gave us a chance to take some scenic photos and feed the swans some American pumpkin bread.

Zurich (49)

Once we showered and got settled into our room, we walked for hours (and about 12 miles total) to Lake Zurich for a better view of the architecture, the people, the Lake, and the Swiss Alps.


As we headed back to our hotel, we stopped at the most awesome grocery store, Coop, and I really wish that I owned it.   The place was packed with Zurich residents and tourists getting stocked up for a Saturday night.  The wine department was very popular.

We bought two bottles of wine, a cheese platter, two loaves of bread (an olive bread and a Pane loaf), and two different desserts (one was a caramel torte and the other was basically creme filled donuts, but it was called something else).

It’s a good thing we stocked up for a Saturday evening Swiss snack.  We chose to have an authentic Swiss dinner, but after looking closer at the menu, the Cordon Bleu that I wanted was not chicken, but deer!

And, the more we scanned the menu, the more Ray was getting queasy!  There was deer stew, deer this, and deer that.  If deer wasn’t your thing, there was something with boar!

If we stayed, I was going to order the vegetable plate.  But, Ray wanted to leave and I didn’t have any reason to talk him out of it.

Zurich (43)

Our Swiss buffet of wine, bread, cheeses, and desserts was perfect for a Zurich Saturday night.  And, after being up for basically 39 hours from work Friday morning, to driving to Chicago, traveling across the Atlantic Ocean Friday night, and touring Zurich Saturday, sleep was nice.

And, we were treated to a nice complimentary breakfast Sunday morning at our hotel, the EMA House.


It was glorious waking up Sunday to the sight of the Alps in the background and the chiming of church bells all morning.

My observations about Zurich:  If we’d learn German, Ray and I decided we would live here if the opportunity presented itself; the city is beautiful and the backdrop of the Lake and the Alps are incredible; I didn’t run into Zurich resident and international pop star Tina Turner; and finally, Zurich men are very thin.

I don’t know if it’s because they walk a lot or ride bikes (very popular here) or eat deer and moose, instead of beef, but we couldn’t believe how thin a majority of them are.  Sorry America!

And, a final note, there were so many DDG (drop dead gorgeous) European men walking around strutting their stuff in their jeans of many colors.

Today, we fly to Budapest, Hungary, only to arrive at the airport and get bussed two hours to Bratislava, Slovakia.  (We’re getting cheated out of our few hours to explore Budapest.  I’ll explain at a later time.  Thanks Gate 1 Travel.

I’ve posted the rest of the pictures of Zurich on my Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/anthony.peoples.3/media_set?set=a.10151755484099849.1073741839.500579848&type=3


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