Heavy Snow For Some of Us

This year’s winter solstice, simply known as “winter”, begins next Saturday, December 21st, at 11:11 a.m.

However, officially in the Quad Cities, we’ve already have six measurable snows this fall for the winter 2013-2014 season.

In Moline, where the official weather data is collected for the Quad Cities, we picked up 1.4″ of snow before midnight and 0.8″ from midnight through noon Saturday for an event total of 2.2″.


However, hometowns to northwest of Moline picked up much less.  As a matter of fact, Davenport, Iowa only saw 0.3″ of snow Friday evening through midnight.

Here are the big winners (or losers) depending on how you feel about snow.  These totals were reported in to my colleagues at the National Weather Service offices in the Quad Cities and Lincoln, Illinois:

11.0″ Bowen (Hancock County, IL); 11.0″ Augusta (McDonough County, IL); 10.5″ Industry (McDonough County, IL); 10.0″ Macomb (IL); 8.0″  Keokuk (IA); 7.7″ Avon (IL); 7.6″ Carthage (IL); 6.8″ Roseville (IL); 6.5″ Monmouth (IL); 6.5″ Galesburg (IL); 6.5″ Dallas City (IL); 6.5″ La Harpe (IL); 6.0″ Knoxville (IL); 5.8″ Galva (IL); 5.0″ Fort Madison (IA); 4.8″ Geneseo (IL); 4.5″ Princeton (IA); 4.3″ Burlington (IA); 3.1″ Princeton (IL); 2.5″ Rock Falls (IL); 1.5″ Fairfield (IA); 1.3″ Durant (IA); and 1.0″ Washington (IA).

Here’s what it looks like in Monmouth, Illinois, 47 miles south of the Quad Cities, where 6.5″ of snow fell.  Megan, thank you for the picture.  It’s beautiful and it’s definitely a “winter wonderland” there!

Megan Monmouth IL

The good news is that little, if any, additional accumulation is expected today although we’ll see some light snow or flurries.


So far, our seasonal snow total in the Quad Cities is now up to 6.1″.  This is the fifth snowiest start to our winter season out of the past nine years.

Snow through December 14th

Last year, by this time, we had only seen a trace of snow and in 2005, more than a foot of snow (12.4″) had already accumulated in the Quad Cities.

For my friends that have followed the fish escapes in our pond following the Thanksgiving week massacre (I blogged about it if you want search for it) and the water pump dying last week, our fish (ten new ones and the one survivor) are back in business with a new pump and makeshift fence protection for now.


Other than the possibility of some light snow or flurries today and, again, Sunday night and Monday, it’ll be rather quiet this week.

That could change at the end of next week when we may have an interesting system bringing a mixed bag of winter mess to the area.  However, that’s several days away and I’ll deal with that Monday when I’m back to work.

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll supply this little winter humor that I used yesterday in my blog because I think it’s funny.

Eggs Milk Bread



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