Saturday’s Weekend Winter Storm Update

A significant winter storm with freezing rain, sleet, rain and snow is on the way today, tonight, and tomorrow.

A “Winter Storm Warning” covers all of eastern Iowa and west-central and northwestern Illinois from 6 p.m. Saturday through 6 p.m Sunday.  If you’re traveling toward Chicago today, there is a “Winter Weather Advisory” in effect later today.

Winter Storm Warning

Here is the radar from 7 a.m. today showing a large amount of moisture over Missouri. This will be moving northeast today toward us reaching our southern hometowns first as freezing rain and sleet.

7am Radar

It’s already slippery out there from the glaze of ice from Thursday night and Friday.  Please be careful.

As this moves northward and we get that wintry ice mix today, it will quickly change over to moderate to heavy snow this evening and tonight.  Here is the forecast map for 6 a.m. Sunday.


That large shading of green over us in and near the Quad Cities indicates the heavier snow.  As the low pulls off through Indiana and the eastern Great Lakes, the snow will diminish in intensity by early afternoon Sunday.

Here is how much moisture is available.


It’s still showing a nice swath of 0.75-1″ for us.  If this was translated to a 10:1 snow-rain ratio, that would easily be 7.5-10″ of snow.  However, any moisture that comes down as freezing rain, rain, or sleet will cut back on the snow totals.  And, that is what I’m expecting.

Here’s one more map to show the big story before I give my projected snow totals and they have dropped for some of our eastern and southeastern hometowns because of the freezing rain and sleet.

6inches or More

This shows that there is a 30-80% chance of seeing 6″ or more of snow, depending on where you live across the Mississippi and Illinois Valleys.  Basically, I’m showing this to point out that the best chance of the heaviest snow will be across eastern Iowa.

Here are the complete storm snow forecast totals for later today, tonight, and tomorrow.

sat snow forecast

One last note, these are ranges.  Some of you may be on the lower end and some may be on the higher end.

Be safe out there this weekend.

If anything needs to be updated today, I’ll be around to do that.  Otherwise, have a great weekend



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  1. It is a sheet of ice here.


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