Snow & Dangerous Cold Is On The Way

It’s the weekend and I want to post a short blog because snow is on the way, but more importantly, dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills.

A strong cold front is pushing into central Iowa around daybreak Saturday.  This will cross the Mississippi River today as we reach a high temperature around 30° in the Quad Cities and then the bitter cold arrives tonight.

Light snow and flurries are possible this morning, but snow is more likely Saturday afternoon.  The heaviest snow will fall tonight and early Sunday for us.

Snow This Weekend

Accumulations northwest of the Quad Cities and over to Galena, Illinois will generally be less than one inch.

1-3″ are possible around Freeport, Sterling, Princeton and Macomb, Illinois, to the Quad Cities, and back to Muscatine and Burlington, Iowa.  (Many of us will be on the lower end of that range.)

Down around Galesburg, Illinois, 3-6″ of snow are possible.  As you head into central Illinois, a “Winter Storm Warning” is in effect for more than 6″ of snow.

This will be winding down tomorrow.

Now, let’s talk cold and wind chills.


Saturday night’s lows will drop to near zero or the single digits and climb very little Sunday.

By Sunday evening, we drop below zero and when you wake up Monday morning, temperatures will be around -20°!  When you factor in the wind, it’ll feel more like -30° to -50°!  We don’t see that too often and this is very dangerous!

Monday’s highs will stay well below zero and Monday night’s lows will again be around -15° to -20°.  Wind chills, again, will be in the -30° to -50° category.

Hypothermia and frostbite (and even death) can occur in a short period of time in those temperatures and wind chills.  Please be very careful later this weekend and early next week!


Here’s a breakdown of this map from my friends over at the National Weather Service office.

The light blue covering the Quad Cities and northwest is a “Wind Chill Warning” that basically runs from Sunday through Tuesday for those dangerous wind chill factors that I talked about earlier in the blog.

The purple color that covers Knox County and to the east of the Quad Cities is a “Winter Weather Advisory” for the 3-6″ of snow expected there, and the pink is the “Winter Storm Warning” for the 6″+ of snow.

The bottom line is be safe and enjoy the 30° high today.  There is some good news.  After this chill, temperatures could be in the 30s later next week!

Have a great weekend.



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