Arctic Chill Arrives Behind Snow

Score one for the Snow Miser!

Snow Miser

Despite my best efforts of upping the snow total forecast for the Quad Cities, it turned into a nightmare when the final totals came in.

Snow 1

Officially, in the Quad Cities, Moline, Illinois, picked up 7.8″ of snow in the past 24 hours, while Davenport only saw 1.1″ at the airport!  Seriously, that much of a difference over just a few miles!  More on the snow coming up, but the cold is now the bigger story for days to come.

Saturday’s high temperature in the Quad Cities ahead of our latest accumulating snow was 33°.

Sat High

It’s going to be some time before we see it that warm again with Arctic cold and brutal, dangerous wind chills settling in today through Tuesday.

While we started out in the teens very early Sunday morning, temperatures will continue to fall throughout the day and by the time you wake up Monday morning, lows will be around -20°.  Once you factor in the wind, it’s going to feel more like -30° to -50°!

Wind Chill Warning

A “Wind Chill Warning” (blue shading) is in effect from Sunday through noon Tuesday for all Iowa and Illinois and much of the northern part of the United States!


Monday is going to be the worst day with high temperatures remaining well below zero in the -5° to -10° range.  Some hometowns northwest of the Quad Cities may not even reach -10° for highs!

Those are the actual temperatures.  The wind chills will be continue to be down around -40° into Tuesday morning!

By the way, since we’re in record cold territory, the coldest high temperature ever in the Quad Cities is -12°!

This is a dangerous and life-threatening situation and frostbite and hypothermia (the loss of body heat required to function) can sneak up on you.  Be dressed properly to go outside and be prepared in case you get stranded outdoors.

I know this may sound technical and the temperatures are in Celsius, but focus more on the symptoms of hypothermia on the left hand side of the graphic and actions to take on the right side.


The good news is that by the end of the upcoming week, we’ll likely see highs above 30° again!

Now, let’s talk about snow.

Snow 2

If you watched me Friday on CBS4, I stated that the latest computer models were hinting that the heavier snow from central Illinois might back its way into the Quad Cities.  And, if that materialized, we’d definitely get more than an inch of snow in the metro area.

When I posted my forecast Saturday in my blog, I said 1-3″ for much of the area and more down to the southeast.

Snow This Weekend

We easily surpassed that at Quad City International Airport, the official reporting station for the Quad Cities.  In Moline, we picked up 7.8″, but the airport in Davenport only received 1.1″.

Here is the reason why we got more snow than we all forecast.  When the snow started Saturday afternoon, temperatures were around 30° and, typically, at temperatures like that you get a 10:1 ratio of snow.  It’s wetter.  From noon to 6 p.m. Saturday, 1.3″ accumulated in Moline.

As temperatures drop, the snow has a lower-moisture content and it can easily fluff up to several inches.  That is definitely what happened in some of our hometowns.

In Moline, between 6 p.m. and midnight Saturday, we picked up another 3.1″.  And from midnight to 6 a.m. Sunday, another 3.4″ for that 7.8″ total!  Score one more for Mother Nature and Old Man Winter!

However, that still doesn’t make up for the sharp cut-off from Moline to Davenport from almost eight inches of snow to just about an inch!

The snow is pretty much over now.

Fish Pond Snow

Here are some of the snow totals reported in to my colleagues at the National Weather Service:  9.5″ Monmouth (IL); 7.8″ Moline (IL)*; 7.2″ Altona (IL); 7.0″ Galva (IL); 7.0″ Galesburg (IL); 7.0″ Stronghurst (IL); 6.8″ Macomb (IL); 6.1″ Princeton (IL); 6.0″ Burlington (IA); 6.0″ Kewanee (IL); 5.7″ Keokuk (IA); 5.4″ New Windsor (IL); 5.3″ Geneseo (IL); 4.5″ Fort Madison (IA); 3.1″ Colona (IL); 3.5″ Industry (IL); 3.0″ Mount Pleasant (IA); 2.8″ Dallas City (IL); 2.5″ Cambridge (IL); 2.0″ Freeport (IL); 1.8″ Bettendorf (IA); and 1.1″ Davenport (IA).

That 7.8″ is the official total for the Quad Cities out of Moline, Illinois.  There are other parts of Moline with less snow than that.

Please brace yourself for the dangerous cold and wind chills next few days!



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