Dangerously Cold Today & Tomorrow

I’ll start off today’s blog with the good news before we have to talk about the bad news.

A gradual warming trend begins Tuesday, although highs will only be in the single digits above zero.

However, by Friday and the weekend, we’ll enjoy a “January Thaw” with high temperatures in the low-to-mid-30s!!!

Now, the bad news.

A “Wind Chill Warning” remains in effect through noon Tuesday.  Temperatures today will only climb to about -7° to -12°, but with the 20-35 mile-per-hour wind factored in, it’s going to feel more like -30° to -40° today and tonight.

Look at these temperatures and wind chills from earlier this morning when I hope you were all warm and snuggled up in bed.

Lows Monday night will drop to around -10° to -20°.  But, again, with the wind, it’ll feel more like -30° to -40°.

Here’s a wind chill chart for you to reference if you know the temperature and the wind speed.

Wind Chill Chart

Please be careful out there today, tonight, and tomorrow.

In addition to snow and blowing snow, there could be some more snow flurries today and Tuesday in the cold air.

Light snow is possible Wednesday and Wednesday night with some minor accumulation possible.


With the “January Thaw” late week, we could be seeing a wintry mix of rain and snow during the day Friday and Sunday and some light snow at night.

Be safe and try to stay warm.  Remember to check on the elderly and the pets outdoors!


Mr. Ten Below, go away!

Snow Miser


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