A Breath of Spring As I Talk More Winter

I know many of you are already tired of the bitter cold temperatures this week.

January temperatures in the Quad Cities are running 17.7° below average and if the month ended today, this would be the coldest January on record!

Okay, the month isn’t ending yet, but it’s going to warm into the 20s today, the 30s tomorrow and Saturday, and close to 40° Sunday.  How’s that for improvement?

Outside 010914

This is what it looks like outside at my house.

We will see some light freezing drizzle tonight, a wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow early Friday, rain Friday afternoon and evening, and a switch over to snow late Friday night with a little bit of accumulation.

However, this isn’t a real weather blog entry about winter.  It’s about optimism.

Last week, I adopted the twelve poinsettias that decorated our news set and news room and they now grace my sun porch!

New Poinsettias

Here’s one of the new poinsettias with the very healthy looking purple shamrock.

Shamrock and new Poinsettia

However, I’m really excited about one of my other “misfit” poinsettias.  That’s what I call the poinsettias I’ve adopted in years past after Christmas is over and people don’t want them anymore.  Or, the ones that I buy from the stores at a very reduced price because they are not perfect.

Late in the fall, right before I brought them in for the season, they were attacked by “whitefly”, those damn little hemipterans and had to be cut back.

It may be the second week of January, but I noticed that one of the “misfits” is turning red!  It’s never too late.

Poinsettias Turning Red in January

So, here’s to spring, for those of you that want it, even though we still have a lot more winter weather to go.

Spring Countdown


2 responses to this post.

  1. nicely said. love that poinsettia and purple shamrock together. the colors are bright & vibrant. go to together rather nicely.


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