My Review of “The To Do List”, “Warm Bodies”, & “The Bling Ring”

Three movies I’ve been waiting to see arrive at Redbox this week:  “Fruitvale Station”, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and “You’re Next”.

I plan on renting them over the next few days since I have a four-day weekend starting later today!

Last weekend, we rented three movies and I’d recommend you check out two of them, but avoid the third.


If you want a raunchy, coming-of-age comedy, check out “The To Do List” with Aubrey Plaza of “Parks and Recreation”.

To Do List

The movie is basically a female version of “Porky’s”, the 1980s horn-dog comedy about boys wanting to lose their virginity.

In “The To Do List”, Plaza plays a straight-laced, uptight, very focused high school valedictorian ready to head off to college.  Her two best friends take her to a college party and she spots Rusty Waters, a surfer-like dude that she falls for.

After drunkenly making out with him, her “to do list” changes from planning for college to sexual acts she wants to do before her freshman year at college.

The movie is very adult in nature.  While predictable and funny,  you’ve probably seen it all before, except maybe girls doing it instead of boys.



Warm Bodies

Up next was “Warm Bodies”, a romantic zombie comedy, a $35 million movie from early 2013 movie that went on to gross $117 million.

Nicholas Hoult stars as “R”, a zombie that can’t remember his name.

During a zombie attack, several of the “undead” are killed, as are several humans.

The romantic comedy parts comes when “R” rescues Julie (Teresa Palmer) after her gun jams and she can’t shoot him.  “R” realizes something is changing in him when he sees Julie differently than just his next meal.



Our final movie of the weekend was one that I really thought was going to be good fun.  However, it ended up being the most bland.


While starring the incredible Emma Watson (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and the “Harry Potter” series) and Israel Broussard, in his first starring role, “The Bling Ring” was more of a let down.

The movie is based on a real life events.  It follows a group of California teenagers, who were obsessed with fame and material things and took to breaking into the homes and stealing from Hollywood celebrities back in 2008 and 2009.

Their biggest target was socialite Paris Hilton.


While mildly entertaining at the beginning, the movie got old fast.

And, what does it say about Paris Hilton when the real-life thieves admitted that they targeted her because she was “dumb” and that she’d probably have a key hidden under the doormat?  Surprisingly, she did, but they didn’t need it because she left her doors unlocked!  Spoiler!

My final thoughts on “The Bling Ring”:  while watching the movie, I was amazed that Paris lives such a life of excess that she couldn’t even tell that millions of dollars of personal belongings were stolen.  And, what does it say about Paris’ thirst for fame that she stars as herself and allows her house to be used in a movie depicting the violation of her personal space?




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