Is It Okay to “Out” People?

I don’t know if Illinois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock, from Peoria, is gay or not.  I know he’s cute, has a nice body, and an interesting sense of style.

Aaron Schockaaron-schock-1

However, there’s been rumors swirling around Schock for years.  And, now his sexuality is front and center after a Facebook post from journalist Itay Hod last Friday.

Itay Hod

That’s just a portion of the lengthy post of Hod’s “hypothetical” question.  The story is now being picked up by gay and straight news outlets.

Itay Hod 2

So, there two are ways to go with this?  Is it a big deal if Schock is gay or not and should people “out” other people?

Here’s a tweet from Hod about his feelings?

Itay Tweet

Here’s my opinion and I welcome yours.  Dialogue is always good.

Having any public figure to “come out” as gay helps to demystify gay people.  It also gives kids that may be LGBT or questioning their sexuality a role model.

People have talked about Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster’s sexuality for years, but she refused to address it.

Jodie Foster

I was happy when she finally came out as a lesbian at last year’s Golden Globe awards ceremony in an acceptance speech.  Or, did she?

There’s a big difference between someone who lives their life as their own and a person, like Schock, who has been an enemy to the LGBT community and marriage equality.  In that case, the answer is yes.

Aaron Schock 2

If there is proof, yes, PROOF, that Schock is gay, it needs to come out and so does he.  Maybe then he can live a happier life not hiding in the closet and maybe explain if his political career is that much more important than the lives of his LGBT brothers and sisters.

If he’s straight, let him be and let’s vote him out of office for his ignorant anti-gay voting record.

It’s people like Schock that stood in the way of Shane and Tom getting married in California and Shane not having “legal rights” to visit Tom as he lay dying in the hospital!  (This story is the focus of the documentary “Bridegroom” — a must see!)


This isn’t the first time I’ve brought up the subject of “outing” people.

It was the topic of my seventh blog back on January 15, 2012, called “Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are”.  That blog was about the sexuality of professional football player Tim Tebow and others.  Here’s the link if you want to read it.



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Here is the complete blog from that day:


5 responses to this post.

  1. No, you shouldn’t “out someone” in doing so you could cause hurt and distress to many more people than your target.
    In the case of the alleged gay politician you answered your own question when you said he should be voted out for his anti gay voting record, that way he is being judged for what he does and not who he is. None of us want to be judged for who we are as we didn’t choose to be black, white, gay, straight, male, female tall, short etc


    • Mick,

      Thank you for checking out the blog and sharing your comments. I always appreciate hearing what others think on the topics I write about.

      Have a great weekend.



  2. If it is say a preacher or a politician who openly vilifies and condemns gay people to burn in a pit of fire called hell for all eternity, yet he’s he’s over here secretly getting some dick or man-booty at the same time, the hypocrite should be outed for his hypocrisy, persecution, and inferiority complex. However, if someone lives their life privately or just simply isn’t comfortable with the world knowing of their sexuality, and does not persecute those who choose to live their lives open about their sexuality, then NO it is absolutely not okay to out them. When and if they choose to disclose is their own business.


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