The Best Show America Isn’t Watching!

So much tension, psychological games, culinary delights, a new serial killer, and much more Gillian Anderson.  Needless to say, the season two premiere of “Hannibal” was incredible.

If you missed it, it’s still available on  Here is the blog I posted about its return last Friday.

The critically acclaimed and ratings challenged NBC series based on the Thomas Harris novel, “Red Dragon”, returns tonight (February 28th).

Hannibal S2

For the 2 million people in the U.S. that were still watching the series for the June finale last year, Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) had done his part to drive FBI criminal profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) mad and Will was jailed for murder.

If you didn’t catch this incredibly creepy, gory, and complex series, you’re missing out on great drama and television.

“Entertainment Weekly” and NBC released this two-minute opening teaser for tonight’s premiere.  Let me warn you, it’s awesome and violent.  It also makes you wonder what led up to this scene because once you watch it, you know they will flash back to let you know how this transpired!

“EW” definitely likes the season 2 premiere!

EW Hannibal Review

For the thirteen episodes this season, I really hope that we see much more of Gillian Anderson, who plays Hannibal’s psychotherapist, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier!

Gillian Anderson Hannibal

I can’t get enough of my crush, Gillian Anderson!

All all new “Hannibal” airs this Friday at 10/9c.


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2 responses to this post.

  1. I have been a fan of the show since ep 1. The most amazing thing about “Hannibal” is the stunning images, not necessarily related to splatter. The show is beautifully shot. The final image from last week was Saul Bass like. Ground breaking stuff from a free to air TV network.


    • Adrian,

      Thank you for checking out the blog and for sharing your thoughts.

      I agree that the show is technically high quality. It is amazing that it airs on one of the big Four networks instead of basic cable.

      Take care,


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