My Favorite “Iconic” Madonna Hits

Some say that the “third time is a charm”.  For me, every time I see Madonna in concert, it’s a charm.


2015’s “Rebel Heart Tour” show in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is my fourth Madonna concert following the October 2012 show on my birthday in Las Vegas for “The MDNA Tour”, October 2008 in Chicago for the “Sticky & Sweet Tour”, and the “Confessions Tour” in Chicago in June 2006.

In anticipation of the show, I thought back over Madonna’s 36-year career and all of her accomplishments and hits.


She’s the only active artist to chart continuously since 1982, spanning four decades.  Madonna has more Top Ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 (38), which is more than the Beatles, and she’s topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart 46 incredible times, with 21 consecutive number one hits on that chart from 1996-2008!

Madonna is the best-selling female recording artist of all-time and the Top Touring female artist of all-time, with box office receipts surpassing one billion dollars!


And, even though the accomplishments go on and on, Madonna is the most successful solo artist in the history of the American singles charts.

So, I thought back to her first chart entry on the Billboard charts in 1982, “Everybody”, and decided to rank my 33 favorite Madonna hits (Hot 100 and Hot Dance Club Play) out of the 73.  It wasn’t easy to do, but here goes.  By the way, I chose Top 33 for the 33 years of hits (as of the 2015 “Rebel Heart Tour” concert).

After you check it out, let me know which of your favorites didn’t make my Top 33 list and which ones I included surprised you.

#33  “YOU’LL SEE” (1995)

#32  “SORRY” (2006)

#31  “DEEPER AND DEEPER” (1992)


#29  “HUNG UP” (2005)

#28  “TAKE A BOW” (1994)

#27  “GIVE IT TO ME” (2008)

#26  “EROTICA” (1992)

#25  “4 MINUTES” (2008)

#24  “MATERIAL GIRL” (1985)

#23  “LUCKY STAR” (1984)

#22  “WHO’S THAT GIRL” (1987)

#21  “TRUE BLUE” (1986)

#20  “YOU MUST LOVE ME” (1996)

#19  “DRESS YOU UP” (1985)

#18  “GIRL GONE WILD” (2012)

#17  “LIVE TO TELL” (1986)

#16  “EVERYBODY” (1982)

#15  “GHOSTTOWN”  (2015)


#13  “MUSIC” (2000)

#12  “DON’T TELL ME” (2000)

#11  “RAY OF LIGHT” (1998)

#10  “LIKE A VIRGIN” (1984)

#9  “CRAZY FOR YOU” (1985)

#8  “PAPA DON’T PREACH” (1986)

#7  “INTO THE GROOVE” (1985)

#6  “BURNING UP” (1983)

#5  “RAIN” (1993)


#3  “OPEN YOUR HEART” (1986)

#2  “LIKE A PRAYER” (1989)

#1  “BORDERLINE” (1984)

Let me know your favorites.


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