Favorite Birthday Memories Over 50 Years!

As I turn 51 today, I’m just happy to be alive, healthy, and happy.  Age is just a number — after all, Giorgio Moroder states that “74 is the New 24”!

Today, I want to share a few pictures of my favorite birthdays.

My favorite:  2011, the last with my best friend and buddy, Miss ABBA.

October 2011

October 2011

Last year, I hit the “big 5-0” in Paris, France before we jetted off to Tel Aviv, Israel and my favorite meal ever on the Mediterranean!!!!

Benny The Fisherman

In Paris, Ray treated me to a dinner cruise on the Seine River, a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and then champagne and a fantastic show at the Moulin Rouge!

AP R MoulinParis Birthday

In 2012, I saw Madonna on my birthday in Las Vegas!

Madonna Anthony

And, in 2009, my first birthday with my lovely family, Ray and Gretel!

2009 Gifts


And, since I’m reflecting, here’s where I was 50 years ago today — enjoying my first birthday cake!

AP 1st Birthday

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and for checking out this walk down memory lane!


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