“Coached” (Sort Of) Apology — Save Your Breath!

Do you know Rajon Rondo?

Rondo Kennedy

No?  Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know who he was until the other night.

Professionally, he’s a basketball player for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and he played college ball at the University of Kentucky.  As a die-hard Wildcats fan since childhood, this saddens me.

Earlier in the month, in Mexico City, Rondo was ejected from the game by referee Bill Kennedy.

Before he left, Rondo stalked Kennedy on the court and called the referee a “motherf–king faggot”.

Since that night, Kennedy has come out as gay and Rondo was suspended for a game, which means he’ll lose $86,300.

On his Twitter feed, Rondo posted this:


First, I bet he was coached into saying those sweet little words of apology as damage control.

But, more importantly, let me say this to Rondo, his fans that support his actions, and people who use that language.

As a member of the LGBT community, if you call someone a “faggot” or a “motherf–king faggot”, you clearly mean it in a derogatory way.  Those are not words that are sugar-coated.  They’re offensive.

To Rondo and people like him — he’s not the first and he won’t be the last to pop off at the mouth and then say “sorry” — get a dictionary and learn some new words or educate yourself.

If you’re frustrated or emotional and you have to vent, just call someone an “asshole” — because you clearly know what that word means!

See, that’s me being emotional without calling you something truly offensive.



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