Best of 2010-2014 — Flashback

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be posting my favorite albums, songs, and movies of 2015!

I love lists and creating them, so I hope you check them out and in doing so, you might find some new songs or movies that you didn’t know about before my countdowns.

So, to prepare, here are my favorites from the past few years — just for fun.


Last year, my favorite song of the year was Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”.

If you’re curious and want see the other 19 favorites, click here and listen away!

For album of the year, there was a tie for my top album.

Enrique Iglesias’ “Sex and Love”


and Erasure’s “The Violet Flame”.

The Violet Flame

Here’s the complete Top 14 list of my favorite albums from 2014.

And, in 2014, my favorite movie was “Bridegroom”.

Here’s are the others in the Top Ten last year.

In 2013, my favorite album was “Push Remind” by Chris Wallace.

Push Rewind

Here’s the rest of 2013’s album countdown.

My favorite song of 2013 was Hailey Rowe’s “My Boyfriend Is Gay” featuring the hilarious and gorgeous Blake Peyrot.

Here are my other favorite songs of 2013.

And, my favorite movie in 2013 was “Out In The Dark”.

Here’s the rest of my movie favorites in 2013.

In 2012, my favorite movie was “Weekend”.

Here’s the rest of my favorite movies three years ago.

And, my 2012 favorite album was “MDNA” by Madonna.


Here’s the rest of the 2012 favorites.

Now, this is so much fun.  If you’re still looking, you’re curious, too. 🙂

My favorite album in 2011 was “Femme Fatale” by Britney Spears.


Here are the others that made the list in 2011.

In 2011, my favorite movie was “Children of God”.

The rest that made the list in 2011…

And, while we’re at it, let’s finish out this decade.  In 2010, my favorite album was “Night Work” by Scissor Sisters.


Here’s the rest of 2010 list of favorites.

And, my favorite movie was “The Kids Are All Right”.

The rest of my favorites in 2010!

So, now I’m excited to start sharing my favorites of 2015 with you starting tomorrow.  Thanks again for checking out my blogs.


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