Ice & Snow Threat Monday

It’s been more than a month since significant winter weather threatened Iowa and Illinois.

That storm right almost a week before Thanksgiving brought 9.9″ officially to the Quad Cities.

Snow Saturday Morning

As I’ve been telling you about for a few days, our next storm system will bring rain, snow, ice, and wind to eastern Iowa and northern Illinois late Sunday night through Tuesday morning.


A “Winter Storm Watch” goes into effect Monday morning and runs through late Monday night.

That means that conditions are favorable that significant winter weather will be happening in that time period.

With the increased chance of icing, I think parts of our area will be under a “Freezing Rain Advisory” or an “Ice Storm Warning” by later Sunday.

After a nice day Sunday with some sunshine and highs well into the 30s, a wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow will move in late Sunday night as the storm moves out of Texas toward the Great Lakes.

Freezing rain, sleet, snow, and rain will fall Monday into Monday evening before the wintry mix changes to all snow.

On Monday, southern hometowns may see all rain and there may be several hours when the wintry mix will change to rain as far north as the Quad Cities.


This graphic is the one I posted earlier.  It hasn’t changed too much in the updates.  There will be a lot of moisture for this storm to work with and that is bad news.

Northern hometowns will see some icing and snow that could accumulate over 4″.

In the Quad Cities, we could see more than one-quarter of an inch of ice Sunday night into Monday night before a few inches of snow sticks.

Southern hometowns could see more than one-half of an inch of rain with some light icing and light snow by the time it ends.

If the threat of ice and snow wasn’t enough, winds will be rather blustery with gusts of over 40 miles-per-hour.  Any icing with those winds could easily bring down tree limbs and power lines causing power outages.

Since we see mostly snowstorms in our area, a reference point on one-quarter of an inch is the thickness of a compact disc case.  That’s how much ice could be accumulating.

Now, with all that being said, this forecast is not set in stone.  The storm could shift on its movement from the Southern Plains to the Great Lakes.

Any shift to the east could bring in colder air, more snow, and less ice or a shift more to the west will produce warmer air and more rain, which would affect the amount of snow and icing we see.

Definitely keep up on the updates Sunday.  I’ll have another one Sunday morning.


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