Bitter Cold Wind Chills Today

When you walk out today, it’ll be hard to believe that just two days ago it was raining and temperatures were in the low-40s!  Even yesterday before the cold air started rushing it, we were in the mid-30s.

Today is going to be the coldest day of the winter season.

A “Wind Chill Advisory” is in effect through midday for all of Iowa and a portion of west-central Illinois. This includes the Quad Cities.

We’re starting out at 1° this morning with a wind chill of -20°.

The one-degree start ties the coldest morning this winter back on November 22, 2015.  That occurred right after the 9.9″ of snow that fell in the Quad Cities from the two-day snow event November 20th and 21st.

Snow Saturday Morning

However, back in November when we hit 1° for the low, highs the next day were back in the 40s!

That definitely won’t be the case today as many hometowns may not even reach 10° for the high.

How’s this for a silver lining:  While it’s starting very cold in the Quad Cities, it could be worse.  Early this morning, it’s -15° in Spencer, Iowa, with a wind chill of -36°.  Mason City, Iowa, is at -12° this morning with a wind chill of -35°!

For those keeping record, we officially picked up 0.2″ of snow Saturday in the Quad Cities from the snowstorm that brought 4-5″ around Bureau County, Illinois.

As for snow chances this week, a little clipper could bring an inch or so Monday and Monday night and then another shot of cold air for Tuesday.  It’ll be similar to today’s weather with highs struggling to reach 10°.

Another snow event is possible later this week.


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