Next Week’s Snow: Many Details To Work Out


Here’s an evening update on the winter storm for next week.  Of course, I’ll have the latest on “Local 4 News This Morning” Friday from 5-7 a.m.

While the storm is still out in the Pacific Ocean, the models are coming together on solutions that’ll bring some heavy snow to parts of Iowa.  However, a pinpoint forecast is still premature.

Based on the evening data I’m seeing, a wintry mix arrives across eastern Iowa and northern Illinois late Monday night.  It’ll be cold enough that some of us could see light snow or ice accumulation.

However, the path of the low pressure system will be close enough to us that we’ll be on the warm side of the system during much of Tuesday.  This means rain.

Back across the northwestern half of Iowa, it would be snow Tuesday.

Colder air arriving Tuesday night and Wednesday would bring a transition to accumulating snow to the Quad Cities.

All of that analysis will likely shift and change before early next week.

So, based on the the evening information, that’s where we stand.  There’ll still plenty of time before a clearer path and confidence is high enough to throw accumulation totals out to you.

If you start hearing them Friday and Saturday, take it with a grain of salt and a lot of skepticism.



I promise I won’t get on a soap box this morning.

However, if you’re already reading this, you know that I tell it how it is when it comes to life and, especially, weather forecasting.

I’m not going to throw out premature snow forecast totals just to get you to click on my blog or share it.  And, I’ll definitely not brag about how many people are viewing my blogs even though I have access to that information.

With that being said, after we enjoy a nice warm weekend with highs in the 45°-50° range, winter returns with a vengeance early next week.

A storm that is still well out in the Pacific will come ashore and by early next week start moving northeast out of the southern Plains.

The exact track of that storm will dictate who’ll see heavy snow, who’ll see heavy rain, and who’ll get heavy rain that changes over to accumulating snow.

Snow Potential

All of that will be playing out Tuesday and Wednesday in the Midwest.

My current thinking is that we’ll be seeing mild temperatures Tuesday with rain developing.

By Tuesday evening, colder air will be spilling in and the rain will change over to accumulating snow Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

After that, it’ll be much colder for a couple of days.

The bottom line is that it’s way too early to predict exactly where the heaviest of snow will fall and how much that will be.

CT Snow

The details I just shared with you will likely change many times before early next week.

As a forecaster, I’m responsible and I’m not going to sensationalize the event to get more readers.

I’ll keep you updated as we head through the weekend leading into this snow event.


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  1. Posted by Dixie on January 28, 2016 at 9:07 am

    Thanks Anthony!


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