Snowstorm Looking More Likely

UPDATED POST:  Friday, January 29, 2016, 4:31 p.m.

Today marks the third straight day with high temperatures in the Quad Cities 40-degrees or better.  Tomorrow and Sunday will be even warmer in the mid-to-upper-40s.

I’m still expecting some light rain Sunday.

With better guidance coming in and the best data still to come later this weekend once our storm comes ashore out west, it’s looking snowier here Tuesday and Tuesday night.

There will be a lot of moisture for this storm to work with and the map that I shared with you this morning looks very good at this time.  Here it is again.

Snow Tuesday

While I’ll likely commit to some accumulation totals this weekend, where you see the darker purple, that could definitely be a snowblower event.

Along the Mississippi River and in the Quad Cities in the lighter purple, get those shovels ready.

I’ll get up bright and early Saturday and give you another update.


ORIGINAL POST:  Friday, January 29, 2016, 6:03 a.m.

If you’ve been missing real Midwestern winter weather — a blanket of snow and colder temperatures — you only have to wait a few more days for winter to return in full fashion.

March Snow

Before that, weekend highs will warm to about 45°-50° with some light rain Sunday.

For the Iowa Caucus Monday, snow could be moving into southern Iowa by evening and that’ll spread into Illinois overnight Monday.  By early Tuesday morning, there could be some minor snow accumulating making the morning commute a little slippery.

Now, let’s talk about the big storm coming in Tuesday that I’ve been warning you about for almost a week.

The storm is still out in the Pacific, so there’s plenty of time to fine tune the forecast before it arrives.  It’ll come ashore Sunday and I’ll have a much better grasp on not just the track of the storm, but how much snow will accumulate.

Again, keep up on the latest forecast this weekend and early next week.  At that time, I’ll be much more specific with the forecast.

Snow Tuesday

As it looks now, the wintry mix early Tuesday morning will change over to a wintry mix along the Mississippi River and some rain to the east of the Quad Cities.  To the west, it’ll stay snow.

By afternoon, colder air comes in and all of us will be seeing snow into Tuesday night.

We could easily pick up several inches of snow along the Mississippi River, including the Quad Cities.   Lesser amounts are expected to the east.

The heaviest of snow, at this point, will be falling across western and central Iowa.  This also includes some of our western hometowns.

Again, I want to stress, these lines will be shifting as better data comes in and we get closer to Tuesday.

This is just a first glance and for planning purposes.

Have a great weekend.



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