Random Friday Thoughts — March 4, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to imagine that it’s already March.

Spring will be here in a couple of weeks and after the warmth last weekend and the snow earlier this week in the Midwest, I’m ready for it.

As always, I appreciate you checking out my random thoughts.  Feel free to share your thoughts and if we disagree, do it diplomatically.


I know this happens much more than people know — a kid tells their parents they’re gay or the parents find out and either kicks them out onto the streets or severs ties with them.

Promoting his autobiography, “Master of Ceremonies”, 83-year-old Oscar winning actor Joel Grey (“Cabaret”) tells “Entertainment Weekly” about telling his parents when he was a teenager that he’d had an affair with a man.

Grey says, “When I told my mother, I remember reaching out to her, and she said, ‘Don’t ever touch me again, you disgust me.’  It was one of the worst moments of my life.  Secrets became necessary.”

I know people have hang ups with LGBT people, but I’ll never understand, as a gay man and as a parent, how a mother or father (or grandparent) could say that to their child.  If you could or have done that and have no regrets, please “unfriend” me now!


The documentary, “Amy”, by director Asif Kapadia walked away with an Academy Award Sunday night for “Best Documentary Feature”.

I saw it and it’s an insightful piece on the rise, fall, and death of five-time Grammy Award winning singer Amy Winehouse, who died in 2011 at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning.

At one point, the director had the support of the Winehouse family, but then they had a change of heart and spoke out publicly about how the documentary portrayed Amy and the family.

Amy’s father, Mitch, said this after the Sunday night win, “I am not changing my stance just because film won Oscar.  It’s a negative, spiteful, and misleading portrayal of Amy.  We will fix this.”

It’s been almost five years and it’s time for the Winehouse family to move on it.  The documentary is much nicer about Amy’s life and death than some of the things I’ve heard in the past few years.


If you follow politics, you already know that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the big winners from “Super Tuesday”, even as Bernie Sanders won four states, Ted Cruz three, and Marco Rubio eked out a win in Minnesota.

Here’s how Nate Silver, the editor-in-chief of the website FiveThirtyEight and considered the ultimate expert in politics and presidential election predictions, summed up the night.


After last Tuesday and the debate Thursday night, I don’t know what Trump could possible say to offend anyone he hasn’t already and not secure the Republican nomination.

APTOPIX DEM 2016 Debate

As for Democratic race, Clinton is winning big states and in big numbers and is on track to secure her party’s nomination.

Harry Enten, a senior political writer and analyst for FiveThirtyEight, sums up that race like this:

“Sanders, perhaps not surprisingly, has indicated that he’ll continue to fight for votes across the country. But for every win he may get in mostly white states, Clinton will be marching toward the nomination with likely victories in states such as Michigan and Florida. The math indicates that Clinton eventually will win the nomination with relative ease.”


If you follow politics, you see all of the polling from different organizations on Real Clear Politics (RCP).  I can say I haven’t seen any results from Scruff, the gay app hook-up site listed on RCP.

But, a poll was conducted and 72% of guys who responded classified themselves as Democrats.  Only 9% claimed to be Republicans with 16% listed as Independents.


Of the more than 10-thousand Democratic respondents, 63% supported Hillary Clinton compared to 31% for Bernie Sanders.  6% were still undecided.


Of the smaller Republican group, 38% picked Donald Trump, 19% Marco Rubio, 9% John Kasich 6% Ted Cruz, and only 2% for Ben Carson, in last place.

And, just think, this poll came out before Trump made sure we know that his endowment is not small, in reference to Rubio making a small hands reference last week.  Ewwwww!


Another prime example to prove he’s not presidential material.


One of the greatest entertainers in music is back with a new album.  Okay, I should say “The Bitch Is Back”.

Elton John just released his 32nd studio album, “Wonderful Crazy Night”.  It debuted at #8 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart and dropped precipitously the following week.

That happens with highly anticipated album.  It doesn’t reflect on how good or bad an album is, it’s more of an indication that Top 40 radio doesn’t play songs from the album.

So, with new music to promote, it’s time for Elton to ruffle some feathers.


It seems like a lifetime ago when he ripped on Madonna accusing her of lip-syncing in her concerts in 2004 and, in 2012, his husband, David Furnish, blasted Madonna after Elton lost to her at the Golden Globes.

Elton says now, “I probably went too far with Madonna and I got very personal and I wrote her – she was very gracious”.


Now, his venon is directed to “No, my first name ain’t baby.  It’s Janet, Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty.”


Elton tells “Rolling Stone”, “You know, f*cking music magazines writing a review of Janet Jackson saying, ‘This is the greatest show – four and a half stars.’  It’s f*cking lip-synced.  Hello!  That’s not a show!  I’d rather go and see a drag queen.  F*ck off!”

Elton LasVegas


As for the feuds and the talent, Elton, I saw you in concert in Las Vegas in 2012 the night before I saw Madonna and both of you were incredible.

Chill out!


This past fall, I saw Janet on her “Unbreakable World Tour” in Omaha, Nebraska, and the show dazzled me.

You’d think if it was “lip-synced”, you wouldn’t have heard her cough at the end of one song!


The European leg of that tour picks up again in late March and she returns to the United States this May for the North American leg.

She’ll be playing right here in the Quad Cities, in Moline, Illinois, at the iWireless Center, and I’d highly recommend you see the show.

Here’s a video from the Omaha show.

And, here’s what I have to say about the concert:



The fourth season of the incredible “Bates Motel” returns Monday night, March 7th, on A&E.

We’ll see Norman (Freddie Highmore) descend deeper into madness to take on the persona of his mother, Norma (Vera Farmiga), who’s also losing it.

After that, stick around for the premiere of “Damien”, the return of the evil child from the 1976 motion picture, “The Omen”.

Hot English actor Bradley James, plays Damien, now a 30-year-old photographer who has forgotten his Satanic past.

It’s from the creator of “The Walking Dead” and also stars Scott Wilson, who played Hershel Greene on “Dead”.


Adele is one of the biggest stars on the planet.

She’s won more Grammys than she can carry and she’ll likely cash in again early in 2017 when “25” sweeps the awards just as her as her last album, “21”, did.


She’s already had two smash hits from her new album, “Hello” and “When We Were Young” and the third single will likely be announced soon.

But, thankfully, “she graciously passed” when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis asked her to lend vocals on “Growing Up” from their new album.

That song made my list of “worst songs” of 2015.  Sadly, Ed Sheeran stepped in for Adele.


In May, we’ll be seeing Ellie Goulding and Years & Years in concert in Rosemont, Illinois, on the “Delirium World Tour” to support Ellie’s latest album.

I’ve been a fan of hers since long before “Lights” became a huge hit in America in 2011.

Last year, the English trio, Years & Years released “Communion”, which was my second favorite album of 2015.

Ellie’s latest hit, “Something in the Way You Move” is one of my favorite songs out right now and is already one of the 20 most played songs on Top 40 radio.

And, if you’re not familiar with Years & Years, here’s more on “Communion”.  Check out the blog I featured last summer which features more songs from the album.



Have a great first weekend of March.

I’m going to enjoy the nice weather, have some great food and drinks, watch some movies, catch up on my television shows, and check out this weekend’s caucuses and primaries.

Feel free to comment on any of my topics today.


11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nancy Blackwell on March 4, 2016 at 6:52 am

    I love reading your random thoughts! It makes me sad that a parent would say such a mean thing to their child. I am very excited that Spring is in a couple weeks!!! We can’t really complain since this winter hasn’t been that bad but I love the Spring/Summer and all that brings. Have a great day Anthony!


    • Nancy,

      Thank you for two things, for taking the time to read my thoughts since I love to share them, and for responding.

      It is sad that a parent could do that. Even if you lack tolerance, it’s your child and the love should always be there.

      It hasn’t been a bad winter, but I’m ready for spring. 🙂

      Have a great weekend.



  2. I love reading your random Friday thoughts. I have often thought about what I would say if my child came to me and said they were gay. Ive always tried to teach my girls that everyone is equal and deserves respect. I would support them whole heartedly. Their sexual orientation would not erase the fact that I gave birth to them, raised them and loved them. Their happiness is all that matters. How anyone could turn their back on their child because of something they have no control over is mystifing. And as for the election, the thought of Trump becoming president scares me. Have a great weekend Anthony!


    • Cathy,

      You’re too kind. Thank you very much for taking the time to check out my thoughts. Just as importantly, thank you for responding.

      I’m glad you’re there for your girls! You’re a great person.

      As for Trump, it’s scary. The things he says just makes me wonder what the world is thinking!

      Happy Birthday and have a great weekend and party.



  3. Anthony, I could never do that to my kids, and I’ve already quietly told them that if that happens to one of their friends, they’re to bring them home. I won’t let one of their friends sleep on the street while they’re trying to get things sorted out.


  4. Thank you Anthony. Your insight and random thoughts are always welcome. I too find it hard to understand how ANY parent could ever “abandon” their children in ANY way. I have raised 4 kids and now have 10 grandkids. I love every single one of them with my whole heart! I have to say, that although I have no LGBT chikdre, if I did my feelings would NOT waiver, not one little bit. Believe me, I have dealt with other issues with them and no matter what happens, my love always remains the same. This is especially true since almost 4 years ago I lost my eldest son. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could tell him one more time how much I love him. People like that …..well, I just don’t understand!

    As for the “Trump” situation, well, is there NOTHING that that man will not say? I find him disgusting and I really have a difficult time understanding why so many people like him. He is one of the most hateful, prejudice, bigoted people I have ever seen. I pray every day that he DOES NOT become president,,,,,,and people think there are problems here right now, if he would be elected, our problems would surely escalate!

    I enjoy reading your reviews on movies, shows, etc. I find them insightful and many times I listen to or watch something that you recommend. You have good insight on many of these topics.

    Thank you again for your random Friday thoughts. Enjoy reading them.


    • Sherri,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. As you can tell, I love writing and sharing (and getting people to think).

      It sounds like you’ve done a great job raising your kids and grandkids! Love it all that matters.

      Trump scares me, but the amount of support he has scares me more.

      Have a great weekend and thank you for sharing your thoughts, as well.



  5. Never EVER would I turn my child away because of who he or she turns out to be.. They are my babies and my life to the end..


  6. Posted by Richard Kennedy on March 5, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    I think if parents can throw away their children that easily there couldn’t have been that much love to begin with and if that’s the case the child hasn’t lost much if anything.☘
    Amy Winehouse – Stardom isn’t easy fore everyone to cope with emotionally , it takes a special Star, there is much sacrifice much to give up for Stardom. the Brightest Star Burns Brightest but Burns Out the Fastest !🍀
    I see Bernie has already signed up for the Senatorial Race for his home state but is still planning on finishing the Presidential Race – Smart Man 🍀 Your Random thoughts are really great thanks 🍀


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