It’s Officially Fall!!!

Today is the day when astronomy dictates that the summer solstice transitions into the autumnal equinox.  It’s also the time when day and night are almost of equal duration all over the planet.

That’s that part of the science, but now let’s talk about the weather changes that’ll be coming with the changing seasons.


Our above average temperatures will continue through the weekend.  Highs today, tomorrow, and Saturday will be well up into the 80s for the Quad Cities.  The average high this time of the year is around 74°.

We do have cooler, more seasonal temperatures coming in next week with highs in the mid-70s and lows in the upper-40s and 50s.

The first four days of fall 2015 were really warm, too, with highs in the Quad Cities in the 80s.

However, fall 2011 got off to a chilly start with the first four days much cooler than average with highs in the 50s and 60s and low in the 30s and 40s.


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