October Begins To Chill Out

September 2016 is behind us now and if you live in the Quad Cities, you experienced the third warmest September on record.  The average temperature was 70.6°.

Now that October is here, we’ll experience one of our two biggest drop offs in temperatures between now and the end of November.


From the beginning of the month to the end, average highs will drop 12° from 70° on October 1st to 58° by Halloween.

Average lows drop from 47° to 38° during that same time.

In November, that drop continues with highs falling from 57° on November 1st to 41° on November 30th.

On average, 2.97″ of rain falls in October. But, we’ve seen as much as 9.41″.  That was back in 1941.

However, in 1964, only 0.01″ of rain fell in the Quad Cities making it the driest October on record.

Typically, no snow falls in October in the Quad Cities.  However, back in 1967, 6.6″ accumulated!


Enjoy fall and everything pumpkin and apple!  Turkey, you’re next!



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