Three Chances This Week for Rain, Snow, & Ice

UPDATED POST:  Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 6:00 a.m.

The first of three weather systems is bringing a mild start to your Tuesday.

Highs today will top out in the 40s to near 50° in the Quad Cities and for southern hometowns.

Light rain is likely through early afternoon.  It’ll start changing over to a wintry mix to the northwest of the Quad Cities and spread eastward as temperatures crash into the 30s and then the 20s this evening.

The wintry mix will end as light snow early tonight.

Winds this afternoon will reach 30-40 miles-per-hour with gusts to 50 mph.


The second weather system will bring a wintry mix to the area Wednesday afternoon into early Thursday.

And, finally, we could see a one-two punch this weekend with the strongest of the disturbances.

Light snow or a wintry mix is likely Friday night into early Saturday.

After a lull in the activity Saturday afternoon and Saturday night, the strongest of the low pressure systems brings a moderate accumulation of snow, ice, or a cold rain for Sunday and Monday.

Some models have the storm to the northwest of us, which would warm us and give us mostly rain with some ice.

Other models have the storm closer to us with colder air and more snow and ice.

At this point in the game, expect a potent storm with the potential to cause hazardous conditions for Iowa and Illinois this weekend.

Watch for updates as we go through the week.


ORIGINAL POST:  Monday, January 9, 2017, 5:45 a.m.

The quiet weather pattern that’s dominated for the past couple of weeks will be coming to an end as three different storm systems bring a potpourri of weather this week.


The first of those weather systems will bring above average temperatures into the 30s today and 40s tomorrow and early Wednesday.

Drizzle and fog develops across eastern Iowa and northern Illinois tonight and with temperatures below or near freezing from Interstate 80 northward, there could be some freezing drizzle.

This icing threat will be short-lived as temperatures warm quickly above freezing early Tuesday with light rain and highs in the 40s.  By the time the rain ends Tuesday night, it could briefly change back to light snow.

Another weather system arrives Wednesday night into early Thursday.  This one looks to be mostly a light snow event.

As I told you last week, I was watching a storm system for next weekend.  This one still looks the most promising for those of you wanting an accumulating snow.


While there are many pieces of the weather puzzle that have to come together, the storm system this weekend may arrive in two waves — Friday night and Saturday and then Saturday night and Sunday.

This will have to be watched closely because it could bring a sticking snow, but it could also bring ice to the area.

Ice Ray

Stay tuned on the latest weather developments this week.

Meteorologist Anthony Peoples


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