More Record February Warmth

It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s actually February and not May.

I know it’s early, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see blooms and leaves on trees soon!


The average high this time of the year is 37° in the Quad Cities and for the first week of May, the average highs in the metro area are around 69°.

Record warmth moved in Friday when we topped out at 73° in the Quad Cities.  We reached 70° on Saturday for another record high, but the warmest came Sunday.

The 74° high Sunday established the all-time record warmest temperature for February.

Record Warmth.png

We’ll see another record high today, tomorrow, and Wednesday.

I’m forecasting 75° Wednesday and that would set another all-time record high for February for the Quad Cities.

Enjoy this while you can.  Winter returns this weekend with a major winter storm across parts of Iowa and Minnesota later this week.

We could see some light snow Friday night and early Saturday!

Meteorologist Anthony Peoples

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