What the (D)uck — a New Drama!

With my last “Random Friday Thoughts”, I was done writing for a while to prepare for the upcoming move.

However, I just had a duck drama that I have to share and a Facebook post would be too long.

As I await the heavy rains from Subtropical Storm Alberto to keep me inside the rest of the afternoon, I was out getting my 25,000 steps in this morning.

Walking across the complex, I saw a mama duck and an hawk fighting in the middle of the parking lot.

Obviously, the hawk swooped down to grab a baby for lunch. I scared the hawk off and the mother and the babies scurried away.

Well, one baby had fallen over onto its back and I flipped it over. It starts to head off with the mommy.

She jumps up on an embankment to go into the pond and the babies cannot figure out how to jump up there.


This same baby that I flipped over rolls over onto its back again and I went to help it again.

However, this time, the mother ticked off because of the hawk comes charging at me!

I swatted her with my magazine and it doesn’t hold her back. She was still charging toward my face!

Luckily, I was carrying a book, too, and I swung at her and three feathers went flying into the air as she flies away.

But, as that’s happening,  I fall backwards onto the pavement landing on both hands and my left butt cheek.

My biggest fear was that I was going to fall backwards and hit my head on the pavement!  I didn’t!

Now, where is TMZ and its cameras when you need this crazy video!?!?


So, now I’m walking off a very sore ass and two wrists just two days before I have to load a truck by moving everything down a flight of stairs and drive across the country!

This is the fourth duck drama that I’ve had since I moved here!  I’m too much of a treehugger wanting to help!!!

Hopefully you’re laughing along with me, even though I’m the one in pain!

Aren’t you glad that I only shared the photos of my wrist and the ducks? 😁


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Donna Libby on May 27, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    This could happen to only YOU, Anthony! It quacked me up! 🦆😂😂


  2. Hurry up and get out of there before you break something and have to stay longer. That was a funny story so enjoy them!


  3. Posted by Jim in Grand Ridge on June 6, 2018 at 10:47 pm

    Anthony- We were able to catch your first day on-air in Duluth, both the 5:30pm & 9pm newscasts: Congratulations!

    And I can, without hesitation, say that I now know exactly what ***happy*** looks like: You were amazing…and the station is really really lucky to have you as their CHIEF Meteorologist.

    You deserve this…and man, did you knock it outta the park on your first day.

    Thanks for letting ALL of us go along with you on this crazy roller coaster ride called “Life”; here’s to the long, thrilling ride ahead, eh?


    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you very much for the kind words!!!

      You guys are vacationing up this way???? What a small world!

      Thank you for your keen observation. I know there are many that absolutely love Florida. It just didn’t gel with me. I really think I’m going to be happy here.

      Take care and you’re welcome to come along with me on this crazy life ride. 😁

      Take care!



      • Posted by Jim in Grand Ridge on June 7, 2018 at 8:22 am

        Actually, we watched it last night at home in Grand Ridge, via KQDS’ news stream on their website. We’ve really wanted to celebrate and be a part of your successful first day at your new broadcast home, ever since you mentioned you were leaving WMBB.

        Isn’t the world just amazing nowadays??!!

        Again, congrats and many warm thoughts of good luck and happy motoring. Thank you for leading the way, whilst all the time acting as the peaceful warrior you are!


      • Ha Jim, I didn’t know we streamed live until you told me and then I asked. 🙂

        I hope all is well.


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