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Random Friday Thoughts — October 13, 2017

Another weekend is upon us and I hope it’s a great one for you.

As always, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my thoughts.  Please feel free to share yours, too.  If you disagree with me, do it diplomatically!


It seems that Kellyanne Conway is still around and still Kellyanne.

In the wake of all of the inappropriate sexual allegations coming out against Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, I’d call him a pig, but I don’t want to insult the swine community!

Earlier this week, Conway lashed out on Twitter about Hillary Clinton’s slow response on condemning Weinstein, who donated to many Democratic candidates.


I thought about it and it infuriated me even more, so I decided to reach out to her.

AP Clown


“With all the craziness in the world, make it the best in your little part of it!”

Today, I’m starting and ending my blog with it.  We need it!

I woke up a couple of weeks ago to this series of tweets from #45.  I pondered the callousness of the tweets.


Seriously? Puerto Ricans are natural-born citizens of the United States!

This island was devastated by two major hurricanes in September.

CarmenThis same mayor that he’s criticizing has been wading through floodwaters helping her people while some “leaders” golf the weekends away.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of #45, but there comes a time when little boys need to grow up or shut up!

This saddens me as much as much as it angers me!


While being bashed by #45, Carmen Yulin Cruz, San Juan’s mayor, was thinking of Las Vegas and the victims of the massacre there, while working to get aid from the U.S. government for her people.



It’s been almost two weeks since a lone, white terrorist gunned down 58 people in a shooting spree at a country music concert outside Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas that left more than 500 others injured.


While police sort through the facts of the case to learn “why”, the debate quickly turned to gun control.  Sadly, this is a long-standing debate that falls on deaf ears after every mass shooting in America.

Geez, we have more than any other country in the world, yet we have a gridlocked political system that will not work to find a solution to make both side happy. But, I’m not even getting into that debate in this blog.

I love Vegas and I’m going there in December.  While there, I’ll drop money at the casinos, I’ll eat in the restaurants, and I’ll tip the cocktail and food servers well.

My biggest problem in the hours following this massacre was with the thing that was needed the most.  Although a “Go Fund Me” page was set up and quickly raised several million dollars for the victims’ medical costs, I didn’t donate.  Why?  Because blood was needed more than money as the victims were rushed to the hospitals.


I’m not allowed to give blood because I’m a gay or bisexual man that’s had sex with another man in the past year.   This excludes me from donating, yet it’s okay for a man or woman that hasn’t had same-sex relations to donate.  Yet, they may have slept with half of the free world (and even without protection), but it’s okay for them to donate.

I understood the hysteria in the 1980s and early 1990s when so much was unknown about HIV and AIDS, but three decades later?

Every blood donation is so thoroughly screened and tested before it enters the blood bank and HIV tests can be done in 15 minutes these days!

I have beautiful veins and in the late-1980s, I donated blood every chance I got and I’m regularly tested for HIV.

So, when there’s a national crisis and the American Red Cross is begging for blood donations, that’s where I draw the line.  I’m emphatically uncompassionate to its pleas!

Harsh?  No, it’s a reality and it’s one for which I didn’t set the rules!  To the Food and Drug Administration, do your job and stop discriminating!


The new season of one of my favorite shows, ABC’s “How To Get Away With Murder” is incredible.

After just two episodes (I haven’t watched the newest episode), I love the vibe of the season 4.

Viola Davis is incredible (as always) as the very mean Annalise Keating, who’s turned over a new leaf and so far, so good.

I actually cried during the season premiere and I applauded Annalise in first case after returning to practicing law.


She’s defending an older black woman, who has spent most of her life in and out of jail and prison.

The woman was raped as a young girl and arrested for prostitution at 13-year-old.  She was released back to the streets, while white girls arrested that year for the same crime was put in a home for rehabilitation and a chance to turn their lives around.

Annalise argues, “Because that’s what we do to black people, women, and gay people. We turn a blind eye and we tell them their lives don’t matter, but they do matter!”

Welcome back, Annalise and “Murder”!




I’ve shared many pictures of the cute ducks and the babies in my complex since I moved to Panama City, Florida, in early May.


And, I’ve also talked about the turtles feasting on unfortunate ducks.  I know, it’s the “circle of life”.

The other day, I was walking by the pond by my apartment and I noticed a turtle upside down in the shallow water with its head submerged underwater.

I guess it had fallen into the water upside down!  I didn’t know how long it had been there.  So, I had three options: let it drown, let it try to flip itself over (which seemed impossible), or flip it over myself.

Well, being the “tree hugger” and a softie, I helped it and it swam away.

Turtle 1

I hope it remembers that and it doesn’t feast on a baby duck one day!


I’ve only been to the theaters once this year.  Back in the spring, I saw “Beauty and the Beast”.

Next weekend, I’m going to see my future ex-boyfriend, Michael Fassbender, in “The Snowman”.

This movie is based on the superb Norwegian crime thriller by Jo Nesbo.

I haven’t been to a movie alone since 1996 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, when I went to see “101 Dalmatians”!


In 2010, the survival rate of a baby born under 3.3 pounds was at 78%.  There was a lot of improvement in those odds since the 1980s.  (What a great decade — except for AIDS and Ronald Reagan!)

Focus Anthony!  The point I want to make is that just five decades earlier, in 1960, the survival rate for a baby that size was only 28%.Dessie-Hollie-Anthony -- Fall 1964I was one of those babies and I spent the first six weeks of my life in the Mayfield Hospital and look at me now!


Yes, I’m a survivor and it’s my birthday!  I’m celebrating it with my sister Tammy and her boyfriend Gerald, who are visiting me in Panama City.

Here’s a quick look back in pictures!

This was my birthday in 2011, my last one with my best friend, Miss ABBA.  Yes, it warm enough in the Quad Cities to be out in a tank top playing ball. 🙂


My first birthday party with a white cake!

Wait, Dessie didn’t know then that I prefer chocolate cake?  (Actually, I haven’t met too many desserts I didn’t like.  Why can’t people be like desserts for me?) 🙂

AP 1st Birthday

My most exciting birthday ever was my 50th in Paris, France!

It started with a Seine River dinner cruise, a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and then sipping champagne stage-side at the Moulin Rogue (sans Satine!)  After that, it was off to my dream destination, Tel Aviv, Israel!

Also, I can’t forget celebrating in Las Vegas in 2012 with Madonna!

Let’s hope in the next 50 years I have other birthdays to rival those.


And, it arrives today.

It’s the new Christmas album from Reba McEntire, “My Kind of Christmas”.


As I shared with you in an August blog, Reba released a version of this album through Cracker Barrel, a chain restaurant with a history of homophobic and racist practices.

It was also the first Reba album that I didn’t buy!

This re-issue features new versions and new songs with Darius Rucker, Vince Gill and Amy Grant, and Lauren Daigle.


Freddie Highmore was incredible as Norman Bates on A& E’s “Bates Motel”, so I was excited to check out his new ABC series, “The Good Doctor”.

Highmore is very convincing as Dr. Shaun Murphy, who is a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome.  The show follows the struggles he faces in the high pressure world of San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

While some of the show comes across as far-fetched to me, I’m still with it after three episodes.


This movie is based on the true story of Henrietta Lacks, an African-American woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the 1950s.

Without her knowledge, doctors used her cancer cells, known as HeLa, to advance not only cancer research, but research for many different other diseases, too.

Oprah Winfrey is great as Debra Lacks, Henrietta’s daughter, who worked with a Rebecca Skloot, a writer who was researching and writing a book about her mother.

The HBO movie was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Movie.



20-year-old Norwegian record producer and DJ Alan Walker was only 17 when he produced a version of a song called “Fade” without vocals.

A new version, “Faded”, featuring Norwegian singer Iselin Solheim, hit #1 in 17 countries and reached the Top Ten in, at least, ten more countries (add another one if you count the Billboard Dance Club Songs in the U.S., where it went to #4.)

“Faded” was my favorite song of 2016 and it’s been viewed more than 1.3 billion times (that’s billions with a “B”) on YouTube!

Walker’s latest is “The Spectre”.


With all the craziness in the world, make it the best in your little part of it!


Charity Begins With You & Me

It’s easy to get distracted this time of the year with everything that we have to get done between work, our families, and the holidays.  It’s easy to forget those in our communities, our country, and around the world that can’t forget that they’re cold and hungry and they won’t have a bright and cheery holiday season.


The holidays are upon us.  There is no way to escape it.  It begins with eating ourselves into a stupor this week.  We then focus our attention on fulfilling everyone’s Christmas dreams by shopping until we drop.  And, then there’s New Year’s Eve where many party and drink like fish to ring in 2013.


In the next six weeks, most Americans will devour so many extra calories and spend so much money for a few moments of bliss, whether it’s eating homemade candy, cookies, or treats, or buying some present that may be re-gifted, taken back to be exchanged, or never used.

I consider myself a very charitable person.  I donate money and my time to emcee and organize fundraisers that help everything from animal shelters to domestic violence centers to fight hunger and to raise awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  I’ve also donated money to fight cancer, to help fund school programs, and just last week, I donated money for Habitat for Humanity, a charity that I donate to on a regular basis.  Those are just a few things that I do.


I’ve even had to wrestle with my conscience when I bought popcorn from the Boy Scouts outside stores when those little faces ask you to help them out.  I struggle with it every time that I drop a dollar into the red kettles for the Salvation Army.  I know both of those organizations do good things for the community and for our kids, but why do they have to be so homophobic and judgmental?  I really struggle with that and I always have hope that both organizations will evolve and love all one day.

But, this is not about me.  It’s about making a difference.

I know many of you struggle to pay your rent and your utility bills, to keep your families fed, and to pay for medication.  I know you may not have extra dollars in your wallet or purse to make sizable donations to charities.  But, it’s true that every dollar and every coin makes a difference.

When it comes to me, I know that if I have the money to buy a compact disc (even if it’s on sale for $9.99), buy a DVD, go to the movies, or plan a vacation, I have the money to make small donations to charities that can help others.


A couple of my friends are asking for volunteers and donations to help their church in Moline, Illinois, present their first ever Thanksgiving lunch Thursday.  I’m sure they could still use some donated food or money to buy what they need.  I bet they could even use volunteers.  Give them a call to find out.  (309) 764-6721.

Thursday afternoon, Ray and I, and our friend, Vickie, are volunteering for Mr. Thanksgiving, a 40-year event that feeds about 2,500 people.  It’s for those that may not have money for food for a feast or for people who may not have family and just want to be around others at the holidays.  It takes place at SouthPark Mall in Moline from 4-6:30 p.m.  You can donate money at many local grocery stores to help offset the cost for the public event or you can drop by Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. to volunteer.


This Thanksgiving and Christmas will be a tough one for Americans living along the mid-Atlantic coast and in New England.  In late October, Hurricane Sandy brought wind, flooding rains, and heavy snow, that caused more than $52.4 billion  (that’s with a “B”) in damages and displaced so many people.


There have been many functions and telethons in the past few weeks that raised tens of millions of dollars to help the American Red Cross in the relief efforts.  Celebrities are donating huge sums of money, too.  Leonardo DiCaprio has pledged $500,000 from his Foundation, and “Mother Monster” Lady Gaga has put up ONE MILLION DOLLARS!


It’ll make me feel good to know that when I see Gaga in January 2013 in Las Vegas that part of my ticket price went to helping others.


Here is an update posted on the American Red Cross website Monday:  “Some people are still unable to return to their homes. About 750 people spent Sunday night in ten shelters.”

“The Red Cross is looking ahead to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and will be working with various organizations and community groups to get Thanksgiving meals to people in the areas affected by Sandy. This will include distributing food before the holiday, supporting faith-based and community Thanksgiving meal programs, and serving Thanksgiving meals from Red Cross kitchens on Thanksgiving.”

With that being said, I just made a donation to the American Red Cross to help out in New England and I’ll make it easy for you to do the same by providing the link.  If you donate, I appreciate it and I know those people who we’ll probably never meet will be thankful that you did, too.


My friends, I wish you the very best this holiday season.  Regardless of what is going on in our lives, good or bad, I know that for most of us, there’s another day that will follow.  We can only hope that it’s a good one.

Here’s my last thought to pontificate about before you donate.

We’ve all heard about the good that charities do and we’ve also heard about the few cases of funds being misused.  I still donate and I always will.  When I offer my time or money, I rely on hope and faith that the money is being used to make life better for many.

Happy Thanksgiving early and be thankful for your blessings.


Here’s a bonus — a powerful message behind a powerful and beautiful voice.  In 1997, my idol, Reba McEntire recorded a charity single for the Salvation Army and I’ll share “What If” with you now.